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We don’t play by the rules.

9strings is an online platform to help people in buying the best quality violins and other string instruments within their budget.

The main focus of this website is to assist people in selecting and maintaining their desired musical instruments.

Our expert team consists of few passionate people who are involved in music for decades.

Every day our expert team undergoes a lot of research to compile the list of best string instruments and their accessories. We also analyze all the customer reviews from the major online platforms to provide our readers the appropriate idea of the top products in different price ranges. We also provide the violins and other stringed instruments buying guidelines for the people with various requirements.

If you are searching for a violin or any other string instruments within a specific budget or any particular task, we may help you to move in the right direction.

Similarly, if you require a well-researched regular update of different models of Violin, Viola, Cello, Mandolin, and Guitar then we can help you to accomplish an informed purchase of your next gear.

Our Team

Paul Harman

is a writer, musician, and music composer from Italy. He is a passionate violin player who can play multiple instruments. He is a music enthusiast with great knowledge of string instruments, especially the violin. Now he is applying his knowledge to research and write about these musical instruments and technology to help music lovers.

Jane Ali

is a composer and educator. She is the recipient of many international awards from various renowned music organizations. Her works are highly appreciated by many musicians around the world. She has worked with many leading musicians and composers all over the world.

Razib Shah

Razib Shah

is the Chief Editor of 9strings, where he writes about violins and other string instruments. He also writes about classical music and other fields of performing arts. He is a content creator, writer, and music lover. He is a great enthusiast for music. He not only loves to write reviews of different musical instruments but also passionate about listening to different genres of music.

How do we pick the products?

Our team has years of experience playing Violins, Cellos, Guitar,s and other string instruments. We are maintaining a quality reviewing checklist before recommending any instruments on our site.

We analyze all the available customer reviews from the major online websites to provide an honest appraisal based on their practical experience.

We compare all the features and specifications with other similar models and brands to get a better idea of those musical instruments.

After checking all the build quality we include a product into our recommendations. Additionally, we always try to make sure that all the violins and other string instruments on our website come from renowned and trustworthy manufacturers.

From where to buy violins and other string instruments?

To make your buying process easier, we provide links to the products in our buying guides.

We compare the prices of each item on the leading instrument manufacturers’ web stores and other top-selling websites such as Amazon.

This price and specification comparison may simplify your buying experience.

Moreover, we update all of our violins and other string instrument buying guides regularly, so that you can avail all the updated information on one single website.

We are also updating you on all the latest models with appropriate links and references to assist you to purchase our recommended instruments without worrying about anything.

So, without any hesitation, you can purchase from our suggested retailers at the best possible lowest rate.

When you purchase any product through the links on our site, we might earn a little commission. But we must inform our readers that all the recommended products are not the results of our partnerships with instrument retailers.

Our recommendations are not manipulated by any of our retailers. Even our editorial team is not aware of this partnership with retailers because they work independently.

They always try to provide completely honest opinions while creating unbiased and quality buying guides. We hope our authentic buying guides will help you to buy the best-stringed instruments according to your needs and preferences.

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We are here to help you with that 🙂

You can contact us any time with all of your questions and concerns. Just send us all of your requirements and budget, we will assist you in finding the best product for yourself.

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