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Before spending a hundred bucks or more for buying a learner-level violin, make sure that you are well aware of the features and specifications of all the models available on the market. Your ability of informed decisions will help you to pick the best violin for beginners.

Whether you are going to purchase a beginner violin for a child or for an adult, you need a proper buying guide to make the right decision. Especially if you are going to choose a string instrument for the first time.

Because your untrained eye might be unable to find the flaws of any musical instrument. You may think that all the violins look alike. But in reality, violins are different in terms of size, quality, and structure. 

Our Top Picked Best Beginner Violins for Adults

Here we are presenting a guide to assist you in selecting the best beginner violin. We have browsed all the online resources, asked violin experts, and researched dozens of books to create this useful buying guide. 

<strong>Stentor 1400 3/4 Violin</strong>

Stentor 1400 3/4 Violin

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<strong>Cecilio CVN-300 Violin</strong>

Cecilio CVN-300 Violin

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<strong>YMC Full Size 4/4 Violin</strong>

YMC Full Size 4/4 Violin

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<strong>Mendini MV300 violin</strong>

Mendini MV300 violin

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<strong>Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit 4/4 Full Size</strong>

Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit 4/4 Full Size

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<strong>Louis Carpini G2 Violin</strong>

Louis Carpini G2 Violin

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<strong>Cecilio CVN-EA Violin</strong>

Cecilio CVN-EA Violin

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<strong>Mendini MV500+92D Violin</strong>

Mendini MV500+92D Violin

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<strong>Cecilio CVN-200 Violin</strong>

Cecilio CVN-200 Violin

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1. Stentor 1400 3/4 Violin

Stentor 1400 violin is one of the popular instruments among adult students starting their violin lessons. It is considered one of the best student-grade instruments available in the market today.


  • The hand-carved violin is built using solid tonewoods. The manufacturer used top-class materials to assemble its body so that it can produce a perfect tone. Good quality tonewoods maximize their body strength and playability. 
  • Good quality rosewood pegs and fingerboards make this instrument a suitable product for violin learners. The rosewood used in its construction enhances its tonal quality and durability.


  • Some feel that the sound of the Stentor 1400 violin is comparable to higher-end models. It can produce a more balanced tone than other similar models in this range. The far richer sound is quite impressive for any beginner.


  • Stentor 1400 is designed as a response to a need for a good instrument for students. So, it always wants to take care of the preferences and requirements of students.
  • The beautiful and attractive color makes Stentor 1400 a thing of beauty that is highly appreciated by amateurs.


  • Stentor 1400 violin includes reliable wooden horsehair bows that can help the beginner to develop confidence while playing.  
  • Users will get a lightweight case that has sufficient pockets and space. It is quite suitable for beginners who want to grow eventually. 
  • The integral shoulder rest and other necessary accessories that come with this instrument are decent and satisfactory.

Expert Opinion on Stentor 1400 3/4 Violin

This excellent quality violin outfit is ideal for learners who are progressing up to the next grades. Those who are searching for a solid wooden violin at an affordable price range can go for it without any hesitation.

The Good
  • Stentor 1400 violin has a pretty rich brown color. Most of the students love this nicely designed violin.
  • The beautiful protective case is just perfect for violin learners.
  • The bow that comes with this violin is a professional-quality bow and sturdy.
  • The excellent quality rich sound of this model is a pleasant surprise for any beginner.
The Bad
  • Learners might have trouble tuning it properly.

2. Cecilio CVN-300 Violin

Cecilio CVN-300 entry-level violin is a superb choice for any adult beginner. It offers a complete outfit with ample extras that are enough for convincing a new violin player. Though it is sold at a very affordable price, the manufacturer used quality materials to ensure top quality in any aspect. This solid-wooden affordable violin can serve the purpose of anyone who has the desire to play the violin.


  • Buyers will enjoy this ebony violin with inlaid purfling. They will also get an ebony fingerboard, pegged chin rest, and tailpiece that enhances their playability.


  • It sounds good as it looks. It can produce a far rich tone with a balanced sound.


  • Cecilio CVN-300 violin is a great tool for any student. The super antique finish sets it apart from other entry-level violins. The manufacturer pays a great amount of attention to the color and varnish of this violin set.
  • This versatile design student violin will grow with you as you start progressing.


  • Violin players will get a lesson book with instructions on the basics of playing, which is essential for any starter. You can learn how to read music through these lesson books. It will also guide you to learn how to download music available online.
  • An excellent quality lightweight hard case is just perfect for beginner players. It has sufficient space and lots of pockets to keep your accessories.
  • Cecilio CVN-300 comprehensive kit comes with D’Addario Prelude strings and two bows. You will also get an extra bridge, quality rosin, and a clip-on tuner. The adjustable shoulder rest with good quality padding makes it super comfortable for violin learners.

Expert Opinion on Cecilio CVN-300 Violin

It is suitable for adults as well as kids who want to dive into classical music. This beginner violin set offers everything that a player needs to get a start. If you are searching for a beautifully hand-carved violin with precious craftsmanship, you can select this one.

The Good
  • Four nickel-plated tuners make this musical instrument super easy to tune.
  • Cecilio CVN-300 has a beautiful appearance. The precious craftsmanship makes it a piece of beauty.
  • It offers an excellent affordable price that a beginner player desires.
The Bad
  • Cheap woods used in body.

3. YMC Full Size 4/4 Violin

YMC Full Size 4/4 beginner violin is designed to ensure the maximum playability of the adults to initiate the right start. The main aim of this musical instrument is to produce remarkable sound at an affordable price.


  • This stringed instrument comes with adjustable shoulder rest that allows you to keep your instrument comfortable while playing. As it is made of strong high-grade materials, it is quite durable compared to other models.
  • YMC 4/4 full-size violin just weighs 4 pounds. That’s why it is very comfortable for beginner players to carry or practice for a long time.


  • It has good tonal quality. The excellent body construction yields acoustical properties and great response.


  • Violin learners will get a beautifully shaped foam carrying case with this stringed instrument. The luxurious luggage-grade nylon exterior and gorgeous padded plush interior are added features of this case.


  • This relatively light and durable violin also offers an ebony frog Brazilwood bow. As the bow is integrated with unbleached white Mongolian horsehair, so you can use it for a long time without any issue.
  • Users also get an electronic tuner, an ebony black fingerboard, pegs and chin rest, and an alloy tailpiece. It also includes rosin, an extra set of strings, polishing cloth, pinkest, violin mute, and violin hanger stand.

Expert Opinion on YMC Full Size 4/4 Violin

YMC is a great combination of visual beauty and sturdiness at such a low price rate. Those who are fond of excellent acoustical properties may love to avail this option. It will offer you good response and excellent stability.

The Good
  • The hand-carved solid wooden body of this musical instrument ensures maximum durability at this price range.
  • As it Includes everything to start immediately, this starter kit is just perfect for beginners, students, and new players.
  • A high-end polyfoam carrying case is highly desirable for any violin player.
The Bad
  • Tuning pegs needs careful handling.

4. Mendini MV300 violin

This fine violin kit is the perfect piece for student and learner violinists. If you are looking for a full-size solid wood beginner instrument with good resonance, you should go for the Mendini MV300 violin. It is very popular among learners for its cheap price and ease of use.


  • With a completely hand-carved solid Spruce top and solid maple back and sides, it ensures maximum durability and strength. Its well-constructed body can be compared with any high-end model.
  • The top-notch fitting of this instrument is very rare among other similar models. The good quality Maple fingerboard, chin rest, and pegs can ensure the good playability of the violin.
  • You will get an alloy tailpiece that is firmly integrated with four fine tuners. These tuners are easily adjustable and comfortable for learners.


  • The perfectly attached strings of this violin enable it to produce a harmonious sound.


  • The beautiful satin antique finish makes this musical instrument more attractive among violin learners. Even advanced players like the gorgeous look of this stringed instrument.


  • Mendini MV300 violin offers some good quality accessories like an extra set of violin strings, two violin bridges, an adjustable shoulder rest, Cecilio clip-on tuner, quality rosin, violin lesson book, and shoulder straps.
  • It also comes with a good quality lightweight carrying case and Brazilwood bow with unbleached real horsehair. Excellent quality foam fitting hard case with plenty of pockets is very useful for violin students.

Expert Opinion on Mendini MV300 violin

As the violin is made of strong wood, it is very durable. Every part of this instrument is well assembled which makes it a robust product. It is a remarkably affordable option for those who are searching for a violin that has an impressive quality and beautiful finish.

The Good
  • You will enjoy a one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects which is an extra benefit for any violin learner.
  • The beautiful design and remarkable appearance of this musical instrument will put a bright smile on your face.
  • Wonderful sound quality.
The Bad
  • As the bridge doesn’t come with a complete setup, some learners may find it uncomfortable at his beginning stage.

5. Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit 4/4 Full Size

Finding a quality violin on a strict budget is not an easy task indeed. We are often unable to find the perfect instrument on our budget which is very frustrating. But this Bunnel Pupil adult beginner violin is quite affordable and popular for its beautiful design and ease of use. 


  • The Bunnel Pupil model is solid in quality. Because it is made of exceptional quality solid Maple and Spruce wood.
  • It has original ebony fittings and polished fingerboard and pegs that ensure a great value for the price.
  • This durable violin has Inlaid purfling.
  • This beautifully designed high-quality beginner violin is very easy to play. You can play it by assembling the easy setup process of this instrument. As the final setup is performed by professional luthiers, so you don’t need to worry about the violin setup at all.


  • Though it is an entry-level violin you can enjoy the high-quality flawless sound that is amazingly satisfactory to violin students.


  • Even though it is an entry-level model, it is beautifully handcrafted and has a satin oil finish. It doesn’t provide a shiny, thick, sounding lacquer varnish and ensures an antique look that a beginner player prefers.


  • This complete outfit contains a Giuliani Brazilwood bow with a high-grade genuine Mongolian horsehair. This bow is available with a free setup which is ready-to-play. You can take that violin out of the box and may like to practice immediately. You don’t need to have previous experience to set up this instrument. It is really a matter of great joy when anyone receives this violin as a gift.
  • Bunnel Pupil violin also includes a Portland Oblong violin case with a decent interior. The case has strong Velcro straps that can secure the violin in place. You can cover the violins with a lined protective blanket that also comes with this case.

Expert Opinion on Bunnel Pupil Violin Outfit 4/4 Full Size

If you are finding a complete instrument with the highest quality rate, this instrument is worth checking out. It will satisfy you with attention to detail, beautiful design, and the greatest durability.

The Good
  • It has a remarkable appearance. The satin oil finish is beautifully applied to it.
  • This violin has a good quality sound which is unavailable in many cheap student violins.
  • It is fully backed by a lifetime warranty and offers a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • Completely genuine ebony fittings make it very sturdy.
The Bad
  • The accessories that come with this instrument could be of better quality.

6. Louis Carpini G2 Violin

This beautiful Louis Carpini G2 student-level violin has a remarkable appearance which is enough to meet the satisfaction level of beginner-level players. You can enjoy a 45-day money-back guarantee with this musical instrument. It also offers a lifetime warranty which is obviously a super additional feature for violin learners. Here you can check all the available features and specifications of this model.


  • Every part of Louis Carpini G2 is well assembled to make it sturdy. The high-flamed Maple back of this violin will give you a maximum level of longevity at this price. The good quality craftsmanship of this violin makes it a better performance instrument that a violin player desires.


  • Violin players appreciate the rich sound and the gorgeous flaming on this violin. Perfectly attached strings yield a pleasant and harmonious sound that is very rare in such a low-price instrument.


  • Louis Carpini G2 outfit comes with a completely professional setup. Experienced luthiers of the company deliver this comprehensive musical instrument with great care and love. So, beginners can get it as ready to play which is very comfortable for violin learners.


  • This quarter-size violin outfit comes with lots of valuable accessories like Kaplan Artcraft rosin, luggage tag, string cloth, and a Portland string set. These amazing accessories are highly appreciated by many players and make it an instrument that any violin lover would love to start with.
  • The super-quality Portland Elite carrying case is very light. It will enable you to make your musical instrument easily portable. You will also get a Giuliani Brazilwood bow which is a good combination with such a stringed instrument.

Expert Opinion on Louis Carpini G2 Violin

Even though it is a cost-effective Louis Carpini model, it has a solid wooden body that maximizes its playability. You can enjoy a fully professional setup, excellent accessories, and a lifetime guarantee with this exclusive violin. It is highly recommended for those who want to spend more to taste the greatest quality.

The Good
  • Louis Carpini G2 Violin is popular for ease of use. It is super easy to tune which is very comfortable for learners.
  • G2 violin produces a rich, sensitive, and harmonious tone which is uncommon in a beginner-level instrument.
  • It is very cost-effective. You can avail of good quality craftsmanship at an affordable price.
  • Lots of extra-quality accessories are very useful for beginners. You don’t have to buy those separately that may save your money.
The Bad
  • The varnish of this violin needs to be improved.

7. Cecilio CVN-EA Violin

Cecilio CVN-EA Violin is designed to provide affordable, good-quality stringed instruments for apprentice violinists. Even many aspiring musicians and performers recommend it for students. This musical instrument is fully backed by a one-year warranty against the manufacturer’s defects. So, it is very convenient for any customer, especially for a new player.


  • This full-size complete violin kit has a well-assembled body construction. Beginner players will love the solid hand-carved design of this instrument. Great quality Spruce top with a solid maple back and sides ensures high-end performance while playing.
  • Cecilio CVN-EA Violin student-level violin is integrated with an ebony fingerboard, chin rest, and pegs.


  • Four nickel-plated fine tuners that are firmly attached with an ebony tailpiece enable the players to produce a beautiful harmonious tone.


  • Cecilio CVN-EA Violin has beautiful inlaid purfling which is not painted and presents a wonderful antique look that is rare in such an inexpensive instrument. The classical beautiful varnish gives it a remarkable appearance.


  • CVN-EA model also features a deluxe Oblong hard case and a Brazilwood bow. The bow is perfectly integrated with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair as with other beginner models.
  • Violin learners will get some other accessories with this violin set such as an adjustable shoulder rest with rubber feet, quality rosin, and a bridge.

Expert Opinion on Cecilio CVN-EA Violin

This lightweight Cecilio violin is very suitable for any amateur who is going to carry a violin for the first time. Those who want to grab a violin with beautiful antique finishes at an affordable rate can select CVN-EA.

The Good
  • A solid hand-carved wooden body makes it very durable.
  • Good quality ebony fittings enhance its playability as well as strength.
  • Young violin players love the good-looking varnish and antique color of Cecilio CVN-EA.
  • A one-year warranty is an added feature of this violin which is perfect for any beginner or student violinist.
The Bad
  • The locking mechanism of the case is a little bit uncomfortable, especially for novice players.

8. Mendini MV500+92D Violin

Though the Mendini MV500+92D violin is pricier than other entry-level models, it offers a better tone that will definitely put a smile on your face. The pitch quality resembles and the harmonious sound that it produces is usually available on exclusive advanced instruments. It also looks good as it sounds.


  • Mendini MV500+92D Violin has good quality material construction that can handle frequent and rough use well enough.
  • It is made from a single piece of Maple wood including the neck and sides. The perfectly assembled parts of this instrument enhance the robustness of its body.
  • It has an ebony fingerboard, pegs, and chin rest. The Player will also enjoy the 4 detachable fine tuners that are integrated with a beautiful ebony tailpiece.


  • The deep and balanced sound that it produces is of great quality.


  • With a beautiful varnish and glossy finish, it becomes a piece of beauty. The inlaid purfling makes it more gorgeous while carrying it on any performing or practicing stage.


  • Mendini MV500+92D Violin comes with some excellent extras like two bows, an additional set of strings, adjustable shoulder rest, two bridges, and a quality rosin cake. It also offers a Cecilio 92D chromatic string tuner with a metronome.
  • The beautifully designed lightweight hard case that comes with this musical instrument is popularly known for its durability.

Expert Opinion on Mendini MV500+92D Violin

The aesthetic design and gorgeous appearance make it adorable. Mendini MV500+92D offers lots of learning kits and useful accessories. You can select this one for any beginner as well as advanced musicians. This outfit offers all the necessities to start learning violin.

The Good
  • Solid wooden construction makes it a unique choice for any beginner violinist.
  • The beautiful flamed look ensures its remarkably aesthetically designed design.
  • You get a one-year warranty against the manufacturer’s defects.
The Bad
  • Mendini MV500+92D is relatively expensive compared to other similar entry-level violins.

9. Cecilio CVN-200 Violin

Cecilio CVN-200 is a perfect choice for beginners who are learning violin lessons. Cecilio is a cherished company that is well known for constructing great-quality violins. This student-level instrument has surprisingly good quality at this lower price tag. This good-looking, sturdy instrument offers everything that an early-grade player requires.


  • Cecilio CVN-200 offers great fittings including a Maple fingerboard and alloy tailpiece integrated with four detachable fine tuners.
  • It includes a hand-carved Maple back, neck, and sides and excellent quality solid Spruce top. Its solid wooden body offers great playability that tutors across the world recommend.


  • Violin learners will get two Brazilwood bows with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair. It will help them to produce satisfactory sound.


  • This aesthetically designed instrument is completed with attractive varnish.


  • This durable violin outfit offers boxwood pegs and a comfortable chin rest which may help you to produce the most delicate tones you desire.
  • Customers will get lots of extras which are unusual in such a low-price instrument. They get D’Addario Prelude strings, modifiable shoulder rest, Cecilio chromatic tuner, lesson book, quality rosin cake, and an extra bridge.
  • The good quality lightweight hard-shell case is a lot more practical for those players who are carrying their instruments in different places. You will also get plenty of space to keep your instrument in this case.
  • It includes a light hard-shell case with straps and pockets. This robust case makes it an ideal choice when you are starting practice in an orchestra or school.

Expert Opinion on Cecilio CVN-200 Violin

Cecilio CVN-200 is a good beginner student violin that allows every parent and child to meet their requirement within a budget. It also offers a one-year warranty against the manufacturer’s defects. Cecilio is renowned for its bright and warm tone. CVN 200 also provides you a clear and perfect sound.  A student who is just starting to learn the violin can choose this one without any hesitation.

The Good
  • The modifiable shoulder rest with lenient rubber feet and soft foam stuffing are very comfortable for a new violin player.
  • The instrument is very light and easy to carry which is ideal for beginners or young players.
  • The solid wooden well-constructed body is rare to find in cheaper beginner models.
The Bad
  • The strings of CVN-200 are not as strong as other similar Cecilio models at this price.

How To Buy A Good Violin For Adult Beginners?

The ultimate answer for selecting the best beginner violin for adults is a subjective one. You can maintain some steps while choosing a good beginner violin. In the first step, you need to go through all the reviews available online and offline. After that, you can list down those models that are within your budget.

Lastly, you need to evaluate your current skill levels to match the instrument that you are going to purchase. You also have to articulate your buying plan that can match your requirements. Once you are done with these preparations, you are ready to pick your desired instrument.

Before making a list of the best violins for beginners, we need to consider a few components like the violin body, the bow, strings quality, and the sound quality.

Many inexpensive low-quality instruments are available in the market. But having a below-standard violin can suffer you in the long run. That is why it is important to consider the following steps while buying violins for beginners.

Firstly, you need to check the body construction of the violin. An instrument with well-assembled parts can give you good sound for a long time. While looking for a new violin, try to check if there are any cracks or not. You also need to keep an eye on the quality of varnishing and thickness.

The thicker body of the violin can yield relatively less resonant notes while proper thickness delivers a balanced tone.

Secondly, you need to be aware of the quality of the bow. You can indeed find or replace a bow anytime. But the easiest and most cost-effective way is to use the bow that comes with your violin. Try to check out the wear and tear on the bow.

Thirdly, you should concentrate on the quality of the strings. Because if the violin strings are not of good quality they can’t hold a pitch. In the end, it will produce a dull tone. Better quality strings will ensure the natural sound while playing.

The Final Words

The choice is mainly depending on your budget and personal preference. Some basic criteria need to be checked while selecting beginners’ instruments like the ease of use, comfortability, affordability, and design. Here our experts have tried to present you with a top-quality instrument at a reasonable price range. We hope our buying guide will help you to pick quality beginner violins.

If you want to choose an exclusive option with the highest quality you can go with the Louis Carpini G2 violin. It will ensure maximum playability with a remarkable appearance. Though it is a little bit pricy, you may be satisfied with the greatest value for this money.

If you are on a tight budget, you can select Mendini MV300 violin which is also a great option for beginner players. This completely hand-carved violin can deliver the greatest durability and strength at such a price range. We will recommend it who are searching for a good one in the low price range.