Mendini violins by Cecilio are designed to be reliable and durable instruments at an affordable cost. Because the company is trying to construct the best quality violin at a reasonable price rate that can meet the requirements of a violinist.

The Mendini MV300 violin is one of the best beginner violins that can provide you warm, clear, and balanced sound on a budget.

Aspiring musicians love the simple yet elegant design of this model. With a traditional-looking design and soft satin finish, it delivers the best value for the price. We have taken a closer look at this model and outlined all the available features of this fine instrument. We also tried to present all the pros and cons of this violin so that you can decide whether this model is for you or not.

Mendini MV300 Violin Review – is it a good deal?

Cecelio is dedicated to providing high-quality products to its customers. In terms of Mendini MV300 violin, they also ensure the top-class values before this instrument is delivered to the violin players. This full-size solid wood is the perfect starter piece which is delicately inspected by expert technicians at the manufacturer’s workhouse. Here are some major specifications of this student-level violin.

Violin Materials of Mendini MV300

Completely hand-carved solid Spruce top and solid Maple back and sides make this violin kit highly durable. The top class build quality helps the violin to project and create a warm and clear tone that resonates beautifully.

With a beautiful satin antique finish, this beginner instrument is a perfect piece of beauty. Its impressive appearance is just suitable for those who want to try an instrument out for the first time. Its old-age antique finish gives it an impression of antiquity. The stunning look of this musical instrument will surely catch anyone’s eye.

The Sound Quality of MV300

Most of the student and beginner violinists appreciate the gorgeous mellow tone and soft sound of this model. Mendini MV200 and Mendini MV300 violins are quite similar in terms of specifications and quality. Both models offer almost the same features. These two models differ in tone projection. The MV300 has a mellow and warm tone while the MV200 produces a bright and vibrant tone.

Those who have never played the violin before may find it very comfortable. Because this violin outfit will provide you everything that you need to get started. It is very popular among violin learners for ease of use. Learners can handle it easily while playing. As it has only a weight of 0.45kgs or 1 pound, it is very light and portable. You can produce beautiful harmonious sounds with his lightweight violin.

MV300 Body Fittings and Tuning

The high-end wooden fittings ensure maximum comfort while playing. All the fixtures including the adjustable shoulder rest are comfortable placed to allow you practice without any discomfort. It is a perfect tool that can assist the player to explore any hidden music excellence.

Excellent quality Maple fingerboard and chin rest ensure the maximum playability and sturdiness of this musical instrument. The well-situated chinrest will enable you to hold on to the violin comfortably at the time of performing. The exceptional design and wooden fittings prove that this comprehensive kit for beginners is made with full attention and intensive details. Especially the fixtures and fittings are constructed with high-level dedication.

Players get an alloy tailpiece that presents the high-end craftsmanship of this violin. This tailpiece is comfortably integrated with four fine tuners. The tailpiece is well assembled that improves the violin’s harmonics. It also has a good quality bridge and a high-end genuine Mongolian horsehair string that enables you to produce the best tune.

Additional Accessories

It comes with two violin bridges, quality rosin, an extra set of violin strings, and a violin lesson book. A modifiable shoulder rest is an important addition to this kit. You will find that shoulder rest with comfortable foam padding and soft rubber feet.


This comprehensive kit also includes some essential accessories like a medium-strength Brazilwood bow with unbleached genuine horsehair. Players will also get a Cecilio clip-on tuner that makes the playing easy for learners.

Handy Carrying Case

The lightweight carrying case that comes with this instrument is very handy and sturdy. This form-fitting hard case offers lots of pockets and sufficient compartments to keep things secure. The valuable and durable carrying case helps you to store your violin safely while not in use.


This solid wood violin offers a one-year warranty if any defects are found due to the manufacturing process. This feature is very comfortable for the learner players who want to keep their violin in top shape.

Who Should Buy The Mendini MV300 Violin?

This instrument is particularly suitable for beginner students who are going to learn violin playing for the first time. The players who are enrolled in an ongoing violin class may also find this instrument helpful. Any learner who prefers a cheap violin with good resonance can go for it.

As the violin is available in different sizes, it is an ideal instrument for both adults as well as children. Anyone with an arm length of 23 inches and above can use this instrument.

The Good
  • The comfortable and flexible size makes Mendini MV300 an attractive piece in the instrument market.
  • The brown color gives MV300 light and dark brown optical effect. You may love the antique finish that is beautifully applied to it.
  • As this model is made of strong wood you can enjoy long-lasting service from this durable instrument. Mendini MV300 violin is very cost-effective.
The Bad
  • The extra layers of varnish and paint make an obstacle to produce sound below expectation.

Final Thoughts

Now the important question is whether the Mendini MV300 is a good deal or not.

Though the choice of woods is not the best, it is a good buy for those who are going to play an instrument for the practice. The good quality fittings help you to enjoy its performance rather than find it frustrating. It is designed for starter players and delivers all the specifications that a learner violinist requires. It offers a classic design with a warm mellow tone which is suitable for violin students.

If you can follow the instructions properly, you can be able to enjoy the rich sound of this instrument. It is also very handy and comfortable for your little maestro due to its lightweight. Having an instrument like this one is very desirable for any beginner.

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