Antonio Giuliani Primo Violin (Editor’s Choice)

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If you are playing violin for a long time and now want to step up from a beginner level to an intermediate level, you might need an intermediate violin that perfectly matches your requirements. Finding the best intermediate violin could be a little bit tricky. Because beginner violins are relatively low in price while professional violins are quite pricey.

The price of the intermediate violins is moving between the beginners and advanced violins. The price is not the only indicator to find the best intermediate violins. Some other important factors that you need to consider while purchasing the best violin for an intermediate player. 

Here are our expert recommendations as to the best intermediate violin, which might be helpful for you.

Top Choice For The Best Intermediate Violins

As an intermediate violin player, you may be searching for an instrument with better playability with greater resonance. The beginner’s instruments that are available in the market might not provide you with these extra features. These comparatively cheaper instruments usually don’t offer better tonal quality. Besides the price tag, intermediate violins should have some special features that make them different from other beginner-level instruments. 

When you can realize that violin playing is something that you enjoy, you may like to get a better violin to level up your performance. Intermediate violins are the most suitable instrument for these types of players. Here we have tried to select the best violin for intermediate players based on better build quality and sound performance.  

Cecilio CVN-500 Violin

Cecilio CVN-500 Violin

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Mendini MV500+92D Violin

Mendini MV500+92D Violin

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Cremona SV-500 Premier Artist Violin

Cremona SV-500 Premier Artist Violin

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Antonio Giuliani Primo Violin

Antonio Giuliani Primo Violin

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Cremona SV-150 Premier Student Violin

Cremona SV-150 Premier Student Violin

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Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin

Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin

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1. Cecilio CVN-500 Violin

Because of its satin antique finish, many advanced players like to avail of CVN-500. If you are looking for an intermediate violin with beautiful color and look, it might be a suitable choice for you. Here are some of the detailed features of this premium quality violin.


  • You can find this product with perfect dimensions 32” x 12” x 5” which is just suitable for intermediate players.
  • As it weighs only 5 pounds, you need not worry about carrying a heavy-weight instrument while moving around. Rather you can easily move it anywhere you want.
  • Experienced luthiers consider flamed Maple wood and solid spruce as the best materials for constructing a violin body.
  • This violin also offers a completely hand-carved solid Spruce top and flamed Maple back and sides. Any violin lover including intermediate players will love the beautiful craftsmanship of this instrument.
  • Cecilio CVN-500 features hand-inlaid purfling and ebony fittings. Top-notch materials are used to construct every part of this violin. You can avail yourself ebony fingerboard, comfortable chin rest, and beautiful pegs with this violin.


  • The D’Addario Prelude strings ensure excellent quality sound with a balanced tone.


  • With a satin antique varnish, this instrument becomes a beautiful symbol of hallmark. Every intermediate-level player will love the hand-rubbed excellent finish of this violin.


  • The instrument comes with four nickel-plated fine tuners that are integrated with a well-made tailpiece.
  • A classy hard-shell case with two Brazilwood bows is the other attractive feature that you can enjoy with this violin.
  • The bows with perfect shape accommodate genuine unbleached horsehair.
  • You will also enjoy some other great accessories including Cecilio chromatic tuner, adjustable shoulder straps, a lesson book, a spare violin bridge, and quality rosin along with this instrument.

Expert Opinion on Cecilio CVN-500 Violin

Cecilio CVN-500 full-size violin offers a one-year warranty which is a superb opportunity for any intermediate-level user. Because you can exchange it due to any defects caused by the manufacturing process.

The Good
  • The high-class excellent quality ebony fitting ensures great flexibility as well as playability for the players.
  • Along with a top-class Brazilwood bow, the instrument becomes one of the sublime choices for any intermediate or advanced players.
  • Cecilio CVN-500 sounds as good as it appears.
  • The top-notch protective case makes it more valuable to players.
The Bad
  • It offers less resonance compared to other competitive models.
  • The strings that come with the instrument are not placed perfectly, making it uncomfortable for the users while playing.

2. Mendini MV500+92D Violin

Mendini MV500+92D Violin is an Ideal set for any level of player. This musical instrument includes all the necessary components to continue your violin-playing journey. It is suitable for both beginners as well as intermediate players. Even some advanced players like its elegant design. Many beginners also like to use this great factory-made violin due to its comparatively low price. Find out our short review of this instrument.


  • This excellent design full-size 4/4 violin, in particular, comes with perfect dimensions as 32” x 6” x 13”. This dimension is just appropriate for intermediate players.
  • The instrument weighs 5 pounds and you can move it easily without any extra stress.
  • High-quality materials like flamed, solid, and hand-carved wood are used to construct this instrument.
  • The back and sides are made from a solid single piece of Maple while the front is made from hand-carved Spruce.
  • Mendini MV500 has an ebony fingerboard and relaxed chin rest. The quality of the bridge or pegs could be much better. You don’t need to worry much about it. Because as long as the base of the violin is good, it is playable without any issues.


  • The tonal quality is one of the best among the intermediate violins available in the market.


  • A glossy finish gives it an extra vibrant and modern look.
  • Though some people don’t like the extra-bright color of this violin, it can be a good option for those who are fond of silky varnish.


  • You can avail of a composite tailpiece integrated with four detachable fine tuners and the mother of pearl inlay.
  • Though it is not producing top-class sound, it can be considered good for intermediate players.
  • This intermediate violin also features two Brazilian wood bows with unbleached Mongolian horsehair.
  • You will also get a lightweight hard case with a protective blanket.
  • Other accessories such as adjustable shoulder rest, two spare bridges, an extra set of strings, and rosin cake make this instrument more attractive for violin players.

Expert Opinion on Mendini MV500+92D Violin

If you are looking for a deep-budget intermediate violin with great design, it might be a good choice.

The Good
  • Mendini MV500 is a budget-friendly instrument. You can avail lots of features and accessories at this lower price range.
  • The hard case is another attractive factor to consider the instrument worthy at this reasonable price.
  • Even though it is factory-made, the materials used for the body construction are highly appreciated by violin players.
  • The model comes with all the required settings. You can use it from out of the box after doing the minimum adjustment.
The Bad
  • Though the case along this instrument is good enough to move your instrument, the other accessories might need some improvement.
  • Sometimes the bows that come with the MV500 model is not correctly weighted.

3. Cremona SV-500 Premier Artist Violin

With top-notch craftsmanship and a lightweight rigid foam case, Cremona SV-500 Premier Artist Violin offers the best gorgeous natural tonal quality for users of any age. Though it is designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced players also love this instrument for its beautiful craftsmanship and bright sweet tone. Find out the details of this instrument.


  • Excellently hand-carved solid Spruce and beautifully flamed solid Maple body make it a symbol of a classy product. The top-notch build quality proves that this instrument is highly inspired by the great Italian luthiers. 
  • The completely hand-carved violin features beautiful shaded varnish on top. This rich and hand-applied reddish-brown varnish makes it a unique piece among the other models available in the market at this rate.
  • You will find this violin available in four sizes ranging from 1/4 to 4/4. You can choose any size that perfectly matches your requirement. 


  • A nice level of volume and pristine sound makes this violin one of the desirable instruments among intermediate as well as advanced players. Cremona is always popular for its tonal quality and they didn’t compromise its reputation for this model.


  • Comfortably shaped Stradivarius chinrest and excellent quality Swiss-style ebony fittings are some of the pleasant surprises for its users. The black-color lightweight composite tailpiece and four built-in tuners are just perfect for easy tuning.


  • Premium quality Brazilwood bow with US-made Prelude strings increases the tonal quality of this instrument. It also features a French-made Aubert bridge which is just perfect for producing a warm and rich tone.  

Expert Opinion on Cremona SV-500 Premier Artist Violin

Though Cremona SV-500 Premier Artist Violin offers fewer accessories compared to other competitive models, the classy oblong case that comes with this instrument is very suitable for any intermediate player.

The Good
  • If you are searching for an instrument that is a step above a beginner’s model, then it would be a prime choice.
  • Most users recommend that Cremona SV-500 Premier Violin has the best tonal quality at this price range.
  • The solid body and elegant finish give this instrument a classy appearance.
  • Along with an ebony fingerboard and composite tailpiece, all the fittings are hand-carved and top quality.
The Bad
  • Sometimes at the time of tuning, the pegs tend to slip. If it is a big concern for you, you can choose an alternative option.

4. Antonio Giuliani Primo Violin

Antonio Giuliani is an extremely popular brand among violinists for its great quality instruments. This model is also famous for its exceptional fittings and greater playability. The 45-day money-back guarantee and attractive appearance make it unique among all the intermediate violins available in the market. You can purchase this highly durable instrument with full confidence.


  • Antonio Giuliani Primo Violin features a handcrafted base made from solid Spruce and flamed Maple. The naturally aged Maple increases the durability of this instrument. The experienced luthiers use top-class Spruce which is sourced from the Himalayas.
  • With completely hand-rubbed oil and spirit varnish, this highly durable instrument can last for many years. You will love the antique elegant finish of this violin.


  • The sweet, bright, and warm tone is highly appreciated by intermediate learners. The rich and balanced tone yields a greater resonance when you perform it in front of your audience.


  • Entirely genuine ebony fittings and beautiful oil finish are other brilliant feature of this stringed instrument that makes it stand out in the market.


  • This highest quality rated instrument comes with other accessories like a protective case, Giuliani rosin, and string cleaning cloth. All these valuable accessories make it a complete package for any intermediate player. 
  • A bow made from genuine Brazilwood is another attractive feature of this violin. It has a high-class frog made from ebony and a mother of pearl eyes. It is expected that you can use it for years without any issue.
  • You will also get a shoulder rest made by Portland Gold and a spare set of D’Addario Prelude strings. The detachable tuner makes your performance more comfortable. 

Expert Opinion on Antonio Giuliani Primo Violin

High-quality materials make it a durable one that an intermediate player desires.

The Good
  • This highly playable violin offers unbeatable volume with a great balanced tone.
  • The beautiful and luxurious case is a great addition to this instrument.
  • Experienced luthiers delicately set up the instrument in their workshop. You don’t have to worry about setting after getting it on your hand. You just have to choose the perfect size violins from four available sizes; 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and full size.
The Bad
  • It might be a little bit pricey for beginners. As an intermediate violin, it is quite affordable.

5. Cremona SV-150 Premier Student Violin

Though it is designed for beginner students, it is also popular among intermediate players due to its excellent craftsmanship. The beautiful tonewoods and the finest sound make it a complete kit for intermediate learners. Along with other interesting features, it has very precise string spacing which is very suitable for beginners as well as some intermediate players. Here are the details of this violin.


  • Cremona SV-150 Premier Student Violin comes with high-quality D’Addario prelude strings. These durable strings will help you to practice for years. These will retain their value over time.
  • If you are serious about studying the violin, you may like to get an instrument that lasts for years. For this reason, it is very important to select an instrument that offers high-quality fittings. This violin features wonderful quality boxwood pegs along with a great design composite tailpiece. You have the freedom to use it for a long time.
  • The top standard smooth-action tuners make this instrument easy to play for learners. Some instruments feature hard or faulty tuners which make it difficult to tune while playing. Any type of discomfort while playing is very unexpected, especially for a beginner or intermediate player. Because these faulty constructions may discourage the learners to continue learning. This violin offers a great action tuner that is very suitable for learners.


  • If you want to experience a fine sound quality while learning the master techniques of playing your instrument, this would be a perfect choice for you. Because it offers a balanced and nice level of volume that is rare at this price range. 
  • Cremona SV-150 is made from solid tonewoods to yield great sound quality.


  • It has a solid Spruce top while solid Maple back and sides. The ebony fingerboard and boxwood make this well-rounded instrument an excellent piece in the market.


  • While traveling with this violin, the super quality protective case might be very helpful. The case is very comfortable to hold. Intermediate players or beginners can move their instruments with this case easily. The Brazilwood bow will also help them to bring out the bright tone of the violin.

Expert Opinion on Cremona SV-150 Premier Student Violin

Violins for beginners or intermediate players usually don’t use super quality craftsmanship. Because these are not intended to be used for a long-time. You may be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful craftsmanship of this violin.

The Good
  • The smooth and comfortable built-in tuners make it a game-changer.
  • The high-quality body construction, as well as the super quality fittings, make it an instrument that can last for many years.
  • Cremona SV-150 Premier Student Violin is available in many sizes. As kids, intermediate players find this violin suitable for them.
  • The nice level of volume and bright sweet tone make it one of the special choices among intermediate players.
The Bad
  • Though it comes with strings, bow, and case, it doesn’t offer some other important accessories like spare strings or a beginner lessons book.

6. Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin

Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin is constructed to accompany a learner’s playing journey. When you are searching for an intermediate violin, you may look for an instrument that provides maximum playability. You may require an instrument that retains the best value and quality for your money. This violin is known as one of the best learner violins in the market. Find out details of this instrument.


  • The quality Brazilwood bow with real Mongolian horsehair is very suitable to produce different techniques and less complex music that an intermediate player requires.
  • This hand-carved violin is made from top-notch quality wood like Maple and Spruce.
  • The pegs are perfectly fitted and you don’t have to bother with fine-tuning. Even experienced users like the simple tuning process of this instrument.
  • Experienced luthiers paid lots of attention to ensuring the finest quality of this violin. They used ebony for both the fingerboard and the chinrest. Ebony is considered the symbol of a hallmark for constructing fittings of a violin’s body. Because it can play a vital role to protest against the wear and tear of the instrument.
  • The premium quality Prelude strings are firmly fitted at Swiss-style ebony pegs. You don’t have to invest so much effort to produce the best sound from this instrument. 


  • If you are searching for a new instrument to upgrade from your first starter violin, it must be a prime choice.
  • With a perfectly balanced and well-constructed body, it offers a bright tone. If you are looking for a violin with a clean and pristine tone, this would satisfy you with its warm sound. 


  • The antiqued finish and flamed varnish of this violin are very pleasant for the eyes. It looks as good as it sounds. The traditional elegant appearance of this violin just perfectly suits any player who seriously wants to learn violins.


  • This excellently designed instrument offers all necessary tuning and setup. You don’t need to perform any additional setup to bring our beautiful warm tone.

Expert Opinion on Cremona SV-225 Premier Student Violin

Cremona SV-225 is a fantastic example of good sound and looks at this medium price range. This model is not only pleasing to the eyes but also amazing to the ears.

The Good
  • The soft interior and lots of padding of the case are perfect for carrying the instrument comfortably.
  • Hand-carved solid Spruce top and beautifully flamed Maple back make it a well-constructed instrument that can deliver a nice gorgeous sound with excellent resonance.
  • The German brown finish makes it a beautiful piece of instrument.
  • The excellent quality octagonal Brazilwood bow with real unbleached white horsehair ensures the maximum longevity of this bow.
The Bad
  • Sometimes the bridge needs to adjust for producing an appropriate sound which can be a little bit annoying for players.

Research and Buying Tips

How Much Do You Have To Spend To Get An Intermediate Violin?

If you want to purchase a good quality intermediate violin, you may have to pay at least $150 more. Many cheaper violins are available in the market. These are mainly designed for absolute beginners. Those may not offer you good sound quality or better body construction. As an intermediate player, you may need an instrument that can ensure good playability with greater resonance. To enjoy these features, you may have to pay a little bit upfront. The better quality instrument will also provide you with more durability and satisfaction.

Which One Is The Best Brand For Intermediate Players?

As an intermediate violin player, you may be searching for the best brand. Several brands are available in the market. Here we have listed the seven best violins of different brands. All the above-mentioned brands are well known for their great reputation in the stringed instrument market. All of those brands are capable of producing greater sound at an affordable price.

Our Recommendation For Choosing The Best Intermediate Violin

All the options we mentioned above can ensure the best value for money. If you purchase any of those, it must be a good investment indeed. Because all those instruments sound good as they appear. Those also offer great playability and provide excellent accessories to excel your performance. 

At the end of the day, you have to select one instrument that can produce a reliable result for you. Our top pick as an intermediate violin is the expertly crafted Antonio Giuliani Primo violin. Though it is a little bit pricey it offers fine detailing that an intermediate player prefers. 

The  Cecilio CVN-500 violin would be another great choice if you are looking for an instrument with an unbeatable price. It offers ample accessories that make it a deal-breaker and you can enjoy lots of features without digging a hole in your wallet. 

Some people like to get an instrument with the cherished older look and some like to enjoy the best value for money. The personal requirement may vary in different situations. Here we have tried to deliver you our expert review to consider your options. We hope this review may help you find the right intermediate violin for you.