Mendini MV500+92D Violin

The Mendini series of Cecilio is quite popular among the violinists’ community, and many suggest the MV500 violin for beginners. Do you want to know why? In this Mendini violin MV500+92D review, we have elaborated on all the aspects of this violin that you need to know and why it is best for beginners.

Mendini MV500+92D Violin – What features it has to offer?

The Mendini MV500 violin by Cecilio has almost everything you can ask from a beginner-level violin. Take a glance at all the features that the Mendini MV500+92D violin has to offer.

  • Medini MV500 Violin is from the well-known brand Cecilio
  • The dimension of the violin is 32X6X13 inches
  • The violin weighs around 5 pounds
  • The size of the violin is 4/4 which means it is a full-size violin
  • The top of the violin is spruce and is handcrafted
  • The bottom and the sides of the violin is maple 
  • The violin is finished with varnish which gives it a glossy look
  • It has purfling for both decorative and durability purposes
  • It has a chin rest and comes with adjustable shoulder rest
  • The package also includes 2 different types of bows
  • The bows are made of Brazilian wood and unbleached horsehair
  • An extra set of strings, a chromatic tuner with a metronome is included 
  • The kit additionally has extra bridges, casing, and rosin

Mendini MV500+92D – Who is it Suitable for?

The Mendini MV500+92D violin is best suited for people who are new to violin playing. It is a great violin for children who are starting off on their violin-playing journey. However, it can also be a good option for adults, especially those who are returning students after a long break. Nonetheless, anyone with the desire to start learning violin can start with this violin.

If you are looking for a violin that is affordable and beginner-friendly then this Meldini MV500 can surely be one of the best choices. This checks all the boxes of being at a good price point, having good quality, durability, comfort in usage, and last but not the least, providing good quality sound.

This violin has good tone quality with adequate depth in sound. The sound is not too dark or not too bright. Some beginner-friendly violins can have piercing sounds, which is not the case for Mendini MV500. However, this is by no means good enough for professionals.

The Positives of Mendini MV500

Before we dive into the tone or sound quality, let’s discuss the outlook of the violin first. The violin is mostly made of maple wood which gives it a beautiful antique look. If you are into antique and sophisticated-looking instruments, then you will definitely love the MV500+92D. Moreover, the dark woody textured of the violin enhances the beauty and makes it look like a high-end violin. Additionally, the violin has pearl embellishments here and there which escalates the luxurious feel of the violin. 

Furthermore, you will get good quality sound for the price you are paying. You cannot expect amazing music from a violin costing under $200. However, this violin sounds incredible for amateur violinists. Although this violin costs more than most beginner violins, it also creates far better sound than others. Being a factory-made violin, this violin provides enough depth in sound. It will give a bright sound that projects well and stays in tune. Moreover, you always have the option of manipulating some elements and improve the sound quality. 

Many affordable violins sound like it’s going to pierce your eardrums. This is one reason many hesitate to purchase affordable violins. Keeping that in mind, Celicilio has created this violin that is best for students. You can learn to play violin with this instrument and it will not break the bank. This violin allows you great control, provides comfort and flexibility while playing, and is durable. Before you move on to spending a large amount on a professional violin, you can smoothly pass your learning phase with this outstanding violin.

Where Mendini MV500 can Improve?

You get what you pay for might be true. However, this Meldini MV500+92D gives you more than what you pay for. This is probably the best violin you will get at this price range. Although this instrument lacks in a couple of areas that can use some improvements. 

Firstly, the strings that the violin comes with might not be up to the mark. Even though they sound pretty decent, yet they could be better. If you are totally new to playing the violin, you can give it try. Once you are better at playing, it will be best if you change those strings to a new set of good-quality strings. You will witness a drastic improvement in the sound once you change the strings of the MV500 violin.

Similar to the violin itself, the bows are also of decent quality. You could obviously replace them with a good one if you want. The additional accessories that MV500 comes with are also of average quality. Making proper use out of the tuner could be challenging. The chinrest and the shoulder rest might not be the best quality but are replaceable. Also, the rosin is not that great quality. With that being said, we cannot complain much about that as the entire starter kit comes at a very reasonable price. 

Mendini Violin MV500+92D Review: Pros and Cons

We have already discussed the positive sides of the violin, as well as where the MV500 violin has room for improvement. Nonetheless, we have compiled a short comparison of the good and bad sides of the violin for your convenience. 


  • Good quality factory-made violin
  • The body is maple and spruce wood made
  • Durable material and sturdy
  • It has a glossy varnish finish
  • Comes with additional necessary accessories
  • The pegs, tuners, etc. are of good quality
  • Can project and produce a beautiful sound
  • It comes as ready to play with everything attached


  • The chin and shoulder rest might not be comfortable
  • The string quality can be improved 
  • The quality of some accessories like rosin, tuner, etc. are not up to the mark

Mendini MV500+92D vs. Other Similar Violins

As we have already mentioned, at this price point, the Mendini MV500 has the most to offer. However, there are still some alternatives that you can check out before committing to the one.

Mendini is a series of violins from the brand Cecilio. Other than the MV500 model, they have some other models in the Mendini series which are also great. Another great alternative from the same series could be the Mendini MV650. 

Cecilio has another great series of violins called the CVN series. If you are looking for an advanced violin, then you can choose one of the CVN100, CVN300, or CVN600 from Cecilio. They have amazing sound quality, has some tremendous features, and excellent built quality.

Final Thoughts 

The Mendini MV500 violin is marketed towards students and it is indeed perfect for students. For those who are not willing to spend a huge amount of money at the beginning of their career, this is one of the best violins to go for.  We have already discussed all the aspects of the violin in this in-depth Mendini violin MV500 review for the ones willing to buy a beginner-friendly violin. 

Although it might need a little bit of twigging here and there to make it your perfect musical companion, that investment is nothing compared to what you will get from the violin. Moreover, it is unlikely that you will find a violin as good as MV500 at this price range.