Our best violin bows reviews will provide you with the topmost bows available in the market. You can get the detailed features and specifications that may guide you to select the best violin bows. Different quality bows are found in different shapes and designs. These are also varying in materials.

These various quality bows are offering different flexibility and price range. Many renowned companies offer great features with an attractive price tag. On the other hand, some manufacturers want to target beginner players who prefer to avail themselves of good quality bows at a low cost. You have to choose the perfect one according to your requirement. 

A good quality violin bow should feel like a natural extension by a player. Brazilian Pernambuco bows have been used for years by the players. These are familiar for the woods at near extinction. Carbon fiber bows are becoming popular over the last few decades due to their comfortability and flexibility.

In this situation, choosing the best violin bow can be a nightmare. If you can specify your requirement, you may find it easy to get the desired bow at a reasonable price. Whether you are going to practice violin or performing on the stage, you need to grab a good quality bow that ensures maximum flexibility with a balanced tone.

It should give you the highest comfortability while playing. Here is a quick buying guide for you that may help you to select the best violin bow for your violin practice. 

How Do We Choose The Top 9 Violin Bows?

Each manufacturer follows particular characteristics, shapes, and designs while producing violin bows. These are not only differing in designs but also in materials. Different materials yield different balanced capabilities and sound quality.

Some materials are suitable for outdoor performance while some are weather and humidity resistant. It is also important to consider the ease of use while using a violin bow, especially for novice players.

Here we have tried to list down some highest quality violin bows that are reasonably strong and offer sufficient flexibility. We have analyzed all the available online information to summarize which violin bows are presenting the best value at their proposed price.

We have considered the flexibility, ease of use, materials, comfortability, balance of sound, price, and durability while selecting the 9 best violin bows.

Our Top Picked Best Violins Bows

Check out the best violin bows that can excellence your performance. To enhance your sound quality, you can choose the best quality bow that can be used anywhere you want. You need to select the best violin bow based on some important key factors like flexibility, ease to handle, and affordability.

Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

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CodaBow Prodigy Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

CodaBow Prodigy Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

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Kmise Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

Kmise Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

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HAOYUE Violin Bow

HAOYUE Violin Bow

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D Z Strad Model 524 Brazil Wood Violin Bow

D Z Strad Model 524 Brazil Wood Violin Bow

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Crescent Well Balanced Violin Bow

Crescent Well Balanced Violin Bow

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CodaBow Diamond GX Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

CodaBow Diamond GX Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

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VINGOBOW Brandnew Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

VINGOBOW Brandnew Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

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Piano Guys Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

Piano Guys Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

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1. Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

The higher star reviews present clear testimony of this violin bow. Entry-level violinists can use it for rapid staccato playing. This is one of the best carbon fiber violin bows.

With formulated weight distribution, this completely handmade bow can provide superior balance. You can enjoy a perfectly balanced experience while applying this bow to your violin string.

As it is approximately 60 grams, players can carry it very easily. This lightweight carbon fiber bow can provide you with better service than any inexpensive Pernambuco violin bow. The extra lightweight feature makes it a comfortable piece for practicing.

Customers can get this Siberian horsehair bow at a very reasonable price. The high-quality horse hair will entertain you with great friction. It is designed and formulated to be a reliable option for beginners.

A beautifully decorated copper molded ebony frog is a great feature of this violin bow. The nice arch of this bow is highly appreciated to play your violin reasonably well.

Expert Viewpoint About Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

If you are looking for a high-quality hand-made carbon fiber composite violin bow, it is a prime choice. It has a nicely decorated copper-mounted ebony frog along with quality Mongolian horsehair. If you are not so stuck on tradition, this violin bow can be a good choice for you. This high-quality carbon fiber bow can ensure a great bounce and action that resonates wonderfully.

The Good
  • It is a very well-balanced bow.
  • Players like the lightweight feature of this violin bow.
  • You can avail of it at a reasonable price.
  • This bow offers high-quality horsehair.
The Bad
  • The craftsmanship of this bow is below satisfactory compare to other similar models.

2. CodaBow Prodigy Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

CodaBow Prodigy Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

The excellent craftsmanship of this bow is impeccable. You will love the composite graphite diamond weave finish of this high-grade bow. With a blended acoustic core and brown tint, it becomes one of the top choices among the best violin bows for professionals.

The traditional design frog is designed by the world-renowned Walter Paulus. As it is made from a composite Ebony, you can produce a warm, acoustic sound that is enough to impress you. The white mother-of-pearl slide is another pleasant surprise of this exclusive violin bow that comes with wonderful sterling silver winding.

Customers can avail of high-end nickel and silver fittings with this excellent quality violin bow. It is designed and formulated with a high-quality Moroccan goat skin grip. A metal alloy tip plate is another added feature of this carbon fiber bow. You can feel a great smoothness to the touch.

This popular carbon fiber bow possesses a silver medal horsehair that can deliver a gifted performance. The traditional hand-cut wood wedges and plugs will provide you with all the necessary professional characteristics at an affordable price. It is designed for exceptional students to enhance their performance.

The dynamically balanced violin bow offers on-string forgiveness to feel premium quality sound. It provides the highest quality comfort which is desired by most of young players. You can produce excellent quality sound with this bow which is easily comparable to the finest Pernambuco bows.

Registered owners can avail limited 5-Year Warranty with this bow. To enjoy this facility the customers, need to purchase it from an authorized CodaBow dealer.

Expert Viewpoint About CodaBow Prodigy Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

After years of crafting violin bows, American brand CodaBow is committed to producing excellent quality bows by using today’s advanced materials. This model is also handcrafted by professional and expert workers in the USA. Professional players will love to get this one.

The Good
  • As it has good quality horsehair, you don’t need to repair it repeatedly.
  • It offers an excellent look that is pleasant to the eye.
  • You can experience great balance and bounce with this bow.
  • Nickel and silver mountings make it a fabulous piece for professional players.
The Bad
  • This carbon fiber violin bow has a relatively high price.

3. Kmise Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

Kmise Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

With genuine ebony wood and an abalone slide, this violin bow frog ensures maximum durability. The Parisian eye decoration enhances the glamorous look of this bow. Its appearance is beyond that of a traditional wood-constructed violin bow. 

The way of transferring string vibration is a great way to generate wonderful music. It facilitates fabulous techniques and enhances personal expression. The excellent design and beautiful craftsmanship will make you feel at one with your fiddle.

It is not only good-looking and eye-catchy but also resistant to temperature and humidity. This feature allows you to carry it anywhere you want. You can use it conveniently without any adjustment.    

Players can enjoy the superior balance capability of this wonderfully crafted bow. The lightning-quick response feature will allow you to experience a great music creation moment. This violin bow is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced as a beginner player. 

As each string vibrates through the bow, players can feel every nuance of the playing. That’s why when a player gives a try of this bow; he will never look back to a wooden bow again. The silver wire wrapping provides a new way of playing.

Expert Viewpoint About Kmise Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

This beautifully designed violin bow will present a pleasant feeling to most players. Advanced molding techniques are used to construct this carbon fiber violin bow. Modern materials deliver a higher level of performance which is suitable for any violin player.

The Good
  • Natural Mongolian horsehair enhances its durability.
  • This violin bow is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Experienced craftsman will provide you a pleasant playing experience.
  • It has beautiful glamorous looks.
The Bad
  • It has insufficiently proper gap spacing for the thumb. Some players may feel it uncomfortable.

4. HAOYUE Violin Bow

HAOYUE Violin Bow

Carbon fiber is not affected by temperature and humidity. For this reason, a violin bow constructed with carbon fiber ensures more comfortability than wooden bows. Delicately crafted carbon fiber violin bow provides you with greater durability and longevity. It is considered the best violin bow for intermediate players.

This premium quality carbon fiber violin bow features very lightweight and easy to carry. You can easily move around with this 60–62-gram violin bow. It maintains equal balance from tip to frog and equal weight throughout. This golden weight and the well-balanced bow are very suitable for players of any level.

A beautifully crafted frog makes it an elegant piece. This ebony frog is decorated with abalone shell inlay. The bow is mounted with elegant nickel silver winding. The fully lined frog has an original leather grip which makes it more comfortable for violin enthusiasts. 

Genuine unbleached Mongolian horsehair is another excellent feature of this violin bow. Players can enjoy greater elasticity and strength with this horsehair. It is also responsible to produce sweet sounds. It doesn’t include any rosin.

HAOYUE handmade violin bows are renowned for their excellent quality and optimal playability. Experienced luthiers are formulating, designing, and crafting the top-quality bow for years. It provides one year warranty.

Expert Viewpoint About HAOYUE Violin Bow

This violin bow is perfectly matched with any full-size violin. As it comes with a black textured case, it can be an ideal gift for any violin player. This case is very helpful to ensure violin bow’s protection and safety. This one is very suitable for traveling musicians.

The Good
  • Top-class carbon fiber makes sure of its durability.
  • It offers a very well-balanced weight.
  • Players can enjoy greater elasticity and strength with this violin bow.
  • Customers can avail of an excellent quality protective case.
The Bad
  • Initially, it takes a little bit of time to generate good sound with this violin bow.

5. D Z Strad Model 524 Brazil Wood Violin Bow

D Z Strad Model 524 Brazil Wood Violin Bow

A new and improved design is an amazing feature of this model. A completely handmade bow gives an impression of an elegant look. You will feel proud while using it in any performance. That’s why it is a great preferred choice among violin enthusiasts. You can consider it one of the best violin bows for advanced students.

This well-balanced bow has an exceptionally quick response. It is around 61 grams which is very suitable for players at any level. D Z Strad bows are famous for their wooden bows. 

Unbleached white Mongolian horsehair is just perfect to get optimal friction. You can generate sweet and bright sounds with this great bow. This properly balanced bow will ensure the highest resiliency of your music performance. 

Players can enjoy some amazing features including a genuine fleur-de-lis frog made from polished Ox horn. It will play a great role to move you toward the next step of violin playing.

Genuine leather or silver wound ornaments yield an elegant and gorgeous look to this bow. The high-end workmanship makes it stand out from anything else in this price range.

Expert Viewpoint About D Z Strad Model 524 Brazil Wood Violin Bow

The authentic look and classy craftsmanship make this bow a unique choice for professional players. If you are searching for a classy and well-balanced bow with elegant and gorgeous look, this is a prime choice.

The Good
  • This bow is very well-balanced.
  • A completely hand-crafted design makes it a unique piece.
  • Players can enjoy the right balance while playing.
  • This bow delivers great sounds and tones.
The Bad
  • This bow is a little bit costly.

6. Crescent Well Balanced Violin Bow

Crescent Well Balanced Violin Bow

This is yet another wonderfully designed good-quality carbon fiber bow from renowned company Crescent. With a super-budget price, beginners will be in awe of the ease of this bow while playing.

This well-balanced bow may take users a while to get used to playing it. It is a very respectable bow made with real ebony and high-quality abalone. 

Though it is a very cost-effective choice, it has a specially selected frog with Parisian eyes. This will not only ensure an elegant look but also enhance its durability.

It offers frog slide features with an Abalone shell inlay. Users can enjoy a nice touch with this wonderful feature on a budget model.

You will get a black carbon stick with a round shape which is great for producing a perfect balance smooth tone while playing. You can easily use it in very humid conditions or play it outdoors wherever you want.

The hair used for the ribbon is a natural Mongolian horsehair. This natural and unbleached hair is highly responsible for smooth playing. This good quality hair can hold rosin well.

This carbon fiber bow is lightweight and comfortable for any player. It feels evenly balanced throughout any performance or practice.

Expert Viewpoint About Crescent Well Balanced Violin Bow

Those who are searching for a well-balanced, budget-friendly fairly limited features bow, can choose it without any hesitation. Players of novice level may like to get this bow at a reasonable price range. This Crescent well-balanced violin bow has all the features that can smooth your violin playing experience.

The Good
  • It is very lightweight.
  • Customers will get it at a very affordable price.
  • It is very easy to use. Beginners find it comfortable.
The Bad
  • Sometimes you may feel the grip a little bit uncomfortable.

7. CodaBow Diamond GX Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

CodaBow Diamond GX Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

If you are looking for a master-crafted bow to serve your professional purpose, this CodaBow GX carbon fiber violin bow is the prime choice for you. It ensures fine performance with excellent quality. You can get this one as the best violin bows for the money.

When you are going pro and need a good quality bow for better performance, you may not hesitate to spend more. This premium quality carbon graphite bow is just suitable for advanced-level violin players. 

This 4/4 Violin bow is offering a lifetime warranty on new purchases. Customers can easily enjoy this feature from authorized dealers.

Players can enjoy a kevlar acoustic core with this bow that can produce a warm and robust sound. As it is made from super-strong carbon fiber, it delivers super sturdy for a long time.

You will love the super excellent appearance of this high-end bow. You will love the completely handcrafted design of this premium quality violin bow. The exquisite detailing of this bow gives an impression of the aristocracy. 

It comes with Walter Paulus-designed polished premium Ebony frog. The sleek diamond weave finish enhances its eye-popping look. 

As it is designed and formulated for the high performer artists it is individually numbered as a mark. This individual number ensures the handcrafted quality of this excellent quality bow.

Expert Viewpoint About CodaBow Diamond GX Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

CodaBow GX carbon fiber violin bows are perfectly suitable for high response and expressive playing. Those who are interested to enjoy the best quality balanced sound may like to afford this. It’s an incredible premium quality bow for users who are looking for an exclusive bow that can perfectly match their advanced-level performance.

The Good
  • The sleek diamond weave finish ensures the premium look of this bow.
  • Perfectly suitable to produce warm and robust sound
  • Players can apply it for high response and expressive playing.
  • Customers can enjoy a lifetime warranty.
The Bad
  • It is quite expensive for some beginner students and intermediate players.

8. VINGOBOW Brandnew Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

VINGOBOW Brandnew Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

This VINGOBOW Brandnew Carbon Fiber violin bow yields a louder and more formidable tone. It performs best for superior musicians. If you are looking for an advanced-level high-end violin bow, it can be a good option.

The customers will get a fantastically adorned frog that makes it a good selection for stage performance. The frog also has a very high-quality smooth silver inlay that enhances the sound quality of this bow. It will provide you genuine leather grip that ensures an easy and comfortable playing experience.

It is made from black horsehair which is designed, formulated, and endorsed for superior players. The unbleached BLACK Mongolian horsehair delivers great resilience which is easier to rosin. As black horse hair is thicker than white hair, you can use it anywhere playing outdoor. It can easily adjust to any heat and moisture. 

This bow gives you the highest impression of durability. As this bow is made by a skilled bow-maker, it ensures the advanced performance warm and clear tone. Due to the excellent balanced performance, it is highly recommended for advanced players.

This good-quality carbon fiber bow is more durable than Pernambuco. You can enjoy excellent flexibility with great bounce with this bow. 

As it is a very lightweight bow, you can easily carry it anywhere you want. It is only 60 grams which is very comfortable for any player. Its length is approx. 74.5cm including the screw. Players of any age and level can find it easy to play.

The balance point is very important for any bow. Because it helps players to control the bow. A good balance point makes the bow easy to handle. This VINGOBOW bow ensures its point is in the right range and players can apply it with full strength.

This bow is completely handmade which gives it a traditional look. It is made through traditional handcraft skills by experienced makers. Customers can enjoy the clean work and ready-to-play features of this bow. This straight stick excellent bow provides exceptional bounce stability that makes it stand out from other competitors.

Expert Viewpoint About VINGOBOW Brandnew Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

As the bow is stronger enough, it is a good selection for exuberant stay performers. If you are searching for an affordable and reliable bow with good services, you can go with this excellent quality violin bow.

The Good
  • It delivers a perfect balance point with exceptional bounce stability.
  • Completely made by conventional handcraft abilities ensures fine craftsmanship.
  • This high-end bow is strong and extra sturdy.
  • Its excellent stability level can present you clear tone.
The Bad
  • Some may find it a little bit pricy compare to other models.

9. Piano Guys Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

Piano Guys Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

With advanced composite blend stick and colorized Mongolian Aduu horsehair, this glimmer chrome finished carbon fiber bow will give you super style and an excellent balanced tone. Players who love to use a bow with great style and good quality may love to avail of this. This is one of the best violin bow brands.

Silver-plated winding and lizard grip make this bow super sturdy and delicate of the highest quality. This bow comes with a customized and fully-lined ebony frog and simulated pearl signature. It also offers a three-part button with a matching abalone eye. The silver-plated winding and nickel silver tip make this bow a piece of the aristocracy.

TPG Monogrammed Ferrule and premium quality plush grip ensure the exclusive appearance of this top-quality bow. Players of any level may love to avail this great-looking carbon fiber bow. It also comes with a custom red and black braided stick.

As it is made from carbon fiber, it can ensure the maximum consistency of sound in music composition. It can provide a reliable and warm clear tone which is perfect for any high-end performance of any genre. It can strict attention to detail as well as stay stable while playing.

Piano Guys violin bow offers great features like water-resistant and humidity resilience. Players can use it in any condition and weather. It is very suitable for any outdoor performance. As it has an outstanding mix of balance and weight capability, it can be considered the desired bow that every player may like to use. 

Customers can enjoy the greatest responsiveness of this fine wooden bow. The greatest durability and highest sound consistency that this bow delivers are rare among other similar models. Players can enjoy all these features at a very reasonable price.

Expert Viewpoint About Piano Guys Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

This Pino Guys carbon fiber violin bow features a lifetime warranty which makes it unique among similar models. This decent bow is designed, formulated, and manufactured for both professional musicians and developing students.

The Good
  • It can ensure the highest strength and greatest consistency while playing music.
  • This carbon fiber bow is much more durable.
  • Customers can enjoy a lifetime warranty.
  • It ensures a reliable and clear tone that is suitable for any performance.
The Bad
  • The metal wiring near the frog is slightly below standard compared to the rest of the bow.

What Materials Are Used To Construct Violin Bows?

Violin bows are found in three main categories based on the materials that are used to construct them. These materials are mainly Brazilian wood, Pernambuco, and Carbon Fiber. Sometimes cheap student bows are made with fiberglass or synthetic materials. Traditionally violin bows are made of wood and horsehair.

What Types Of Wood Are Used To Make Violin Bows?

Traditionally Brazilian wood is used to construct violin bows for years. Several types of tropical hardwoods are also used for crafting bows. There are much higher and lower quality variations available within the Brazilian category. The Pernambuco can provide a little deeper quality.

What Is A Pernambuco Bow?

A Pernambuco bow is constructed from a particular Brazilian tree. It was introduced in the late 18th century. It is considered the most desirable bow material that has been used by the master bow makers. This specific wooden material can ensure the perfect blend of strength with the greatest elasticity. It can make a highly responsive bow. A genuine Pernambuco bow is far stronger per gram and completely different from other Brazilwood. Different grades of Pernambuco are available in the market.

Why Players Use Carbon Fiber Violin Bow?

The Pernambuco trees are not available and these cannot meet the increasing demand for violin bows in the world market. Due to the shortage of the Pernambuco, manufacturers are interested to construct violin bows with other available materials like Carbon Fiber. These types of violin bows are much more durable and also available at an affordable price. That’s why players of all ages are using carbon fiber violin bows.

Final Words

A player can choose a bow that provides a smoother sound with perfect balance. Similarly, a stiffer bow can produce a brighter tone with good resonance. A performer always desires a bow that ensures a perfect combination of strength and flexibility. Here we have tried to provide you the all the important info from our buyer’s guide so that you can make an informed decision. 

If you are expecting a classical traditional completely hand-carved violin bow, we will recommend the CodaBow Diamond GX carbon fiber violin bow. It will provide you with excellent balanced sound and comfortability. Though it is a little bit pricy, you don’t need to worry about the build quality of this exclusive design violin bow. The best violin bow makers are producing this excellent violin bow for professionals. 

Those who are on a tight budget and searching for a bow at an affordable rate can choose the Crescent Well Balanced carbon fiber violin bow. It is a carbon fiber bow that can give you a perfect and smooth balance. It is also available at a very reasonable price. Players of all levels may like to possess this excellent design balanced carbon fiber violin bow. It is also a good option who are looking for the best violin bow under 500.