Bam France 2002XL Violin Case (Editor’s Choice)

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Without digging into your pocket, you will not be able to possess the best violin case brands. Because the best professional violin cases use high-end materials and technology that increase the rate of construction. As a result, serious players need to pay a higher price to avail top quality violin cases.

If you are an advanced level performer, you may not want your valuable instrument to get damaged due to a lack of proper protection. Professional violinists usually travel a lot and require the best professional violin cases to keep their instrument safe. In this case, investing a big amount of money to purchase the best lightweight violin cases can be a wise deal. Beginners who are still learning to play and don’t have to travel much with their instrument can follow the carbon fiber violin case reviews to get the right one.

Numerous cases are now available in the market. Our experts analyzed all the features, specifications, and the latest technology to give you better violin cases reviews. We have tried to list down the nine best quality violin cases that can protect your precious fiddle. This violin case reviews may help you to find your desired violin carrying bag that offers optimal protection to your instrument.

Our Top Picked Best Violin Cases

Protec MX044PR Violin Case

Protec MX044PR Violin Case

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Featherweight Violin Case

Featherweight Violin Case

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Bam France 2002XL Violin Case

Bam France 2002XL Violin Case

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Tonareli Oblong Fiberglass Violin Case

Tonareli Oblong Fiberglass Violin Case

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Bam Slim Hightech Violin Case

Bam Slim Hightech Violin Case

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Baker Street BK-4020 Violin Case

Baker Street BK-4020 Violin Case

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Crossrock Violin Case

Crossrock Violin Case

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SKY Oblong Violin Case

SKY Oblong Violin Case

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Featherweight C-3960 Deluxe Violin Case

Featherweight C-3960 Deluxe Violin Case

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1. Protec MX044PR Violin Case

Protec MX044PR Violin Case

Protec is a renowned company that has been constructing violin case for years. They are famous for crafting good quality cases. If you are searching for a case with plenty of storage and good suspension within your budget, this model can be a good option.

It has been designed with a lightweight shock-absorbing foam frame that can protect your instrument in any situation. The ultra-light EPS foam frame has a high density of tough 600D with a nylon exterior cover.

Convenient suspension padding and a non-abrasive plush interior cover make it super cozy for the fiddle. The violin case offers sufficient interior accessory compartments which are very desirable for any player.

Violin players get a large front-side zippered pocket where they can carry all the necessary equipment while carrying the fiddle. The handy violin case also has a small accessory zippered pouch to keep the essential accessories safe while moving.

This violin-shaped case comes with two bow clips. It also offers a soft violin blanket. The bow clips help you to keep your valuable bows safe. Similarly, the violin blanket ensures the extra care of your instrument. You will also get a neck secure strap that provides stability while carrying the case.

The dual-corded case handle increases its durability. It is designed with good quality padded handle wrap that allows you to move the case for a long time without any discomfort. The adjustable shoulder strap is another wonderful feature of this case to fit the case according to your requirement.

Convenient and excellent quality subway handle make it super easy for a player of any level. You can move it as a backpack while necessary. The removable backpack straps give you the freedom to choose the styling options.

Many players suffer from low-quality zippers of their violin case. Fortunately, this great sturdy case offers long-lasting custom molded zippers. The high-graded durable molded rubber feet also a great feature of this case.

Expert Opinion on Protec MX044PR Violin Case

Protec MX044PR violin case is not only good looking but also long lasting. Adequate interior accessory compartments and outside zipper pockets make this case a unique choice to the violin players. Those who need a handy eye-pleasing violin case with plenty of compartments and pockets can consider it.

The Good
  • Good quality cushioning and suspension make this violin case a high-end product.
  • The violin case is very lightweight and players of any age can carry it easily.
  • The violinist can avail of this case at a very affordable price
  • Super quality zippers make this case ultra-comfortable for users.
The Bad
  • Sometimes you may feel that the pins that hold the bows are a little bit inconvenient.

2. Featherweight Violin Case

Featherweight Violin Case

Featherweight Violin Case is a budget-friendly soft case that offers super protection to your fiddle. Most of the time entry-level instrument cases sacrifice with the quality. This violin case offers plenty of storage and good suspension compared to other budget models. It has selected every material and component carefully to keep the costs down. At the same time, it tried to maintain the highest possible level of quality. As a result, it leads to greater savings for the end-user.

The rigid foam construction of this case ensures great protection to your fiddle. The excellent quality wooden frame reinforcements give it extra strength. This high-end construction makes this violin case a prime choice for violin enthusiasts. 

With a padded interior, this super comfy case gives you ultra-lightweight protection. It also offers a molded interior that can keep your instrument safe while traveling. 

It comes with a Velcro strap which is very supportive to your neck. This type of strap also ensures a protective fit while carrying. It also looks smart when you carry it in any musical event. The decent look of this case will put a smile on your face for sure.

With this violin case, you don’t have to worry about the space and compartments to keep things securely. You will get plenty of sufficient Interior and exterior accessory compartments with this case.

This excellent quality violin case comes with two bow holders that can keep your bows securely inside the box. The adjustable shoulder straps allow you to carry the case according to your preferences.

As this case has a heavy-duty ballistic nylon exterior cover, it is highly durable. You can use this violin carrying bag for years without any issues.

Expert Opinion on Featherweight Violin Case

Featherweight violin case is a budget-friendly option for players of all levels. The good quality body construction of this case ensures great protection to your violin. The great look and high-end build quality make this case adorable for the players who want to keep this case for a long time.

The Good
  • Featherweight Violin case is very budget-friendly. Students on a budget will love this case.
  • The heavy-duty ballistic exterior cover makes it highly durable.
  • It can be considered a true suspension case.
  • A decent look gives it an impression of elegance.
The Bad
  • As it has a wooden frame, some may feel it heavy to carry.

3. Bam France 2002XL Violin Case

Bam France 2002XL Violin Case

When you are considering Bam violin cases, you can be sure that you will get the best value for your money. The list of best cases cannot be complete without cases manufactured by Bam. It is a good investment for a performer for sure.

Though Bam France 2002XL violin case is an expensive choice, you will get great value for money compared to other similar models. This case is perfectly suitable for a full-size violin. You can carry your 4/4 size violin easily without any hesitation.

This excellent quality violin case offers great protection to your instrument. As it has anti-skid rubber guards, it can protect your fiddle effectively while moving. Even an intensive traveler player finds it appropriate due to its super extra protective feature like three layers construction body. These three layers – AIREX, ABS, and PVC ensure the exceptional protection of your fiddle.

With a tweed-look exterior finish, it becomes a piece of the aristocracy. Its elegant loom makes it an ultimate choice for advanced violin players. The super handy neoprene shoulder strap makes it super cool for the performers.

As this case weighs only 3.5lbs, it is considered a super-light case available in the market. The ultra-lightweight violin case can be carried easily anywhere you want. Players can take it comfortably to any destination they want.

The black plush interior of this case ensures good suspension. It also comes with instrument suspension cushions that can play an important role to protect the fiddle.

You will get two bow holders along with a high-quality zippered accessory pouch. These are very important to keep your bows and other accessories safe and secure.

This case is extremely shock and pressure resistant. Because players can enjoy an airtight seal along with this violin case. This special feature makes this wonderful case a unique choice available in the instrument case market.

Expert Opinion on Bam France 2002XL Violin Case

This model possesses top-quality features that a performer violinist prefers. Bam France 2002XL is a perfect choice for advanced level violinists who like to prioritize their professionalism.

The Good
  • The triple-layered exterior design makes it highly protective.
  • As it is airtight, you have nothing to worry about the safety of your instrument.
  • The lightweight feature makes it easily portable to anywhere.
  • High-end construction makes it long-lasting.
The Bad
  • As Bam France 2002XL is the higher end of the cost spectrum, it is not budget-friendly.

4. Tonareli Oblong Fiberglass Violin Case

Tonareli Oblong Fiberglass Violin Case

With a sturdy fiberglass option, this violin case model provides you the best comfort at an affordable price. Some cases offer cheap fiberglass that doesn’t last long. This fiberglass case offers the next-level suspension that your valuable instrument deserves. The durable and lightweight nature makes this case a unique choice among violin players.

Its super excellent suspension feature keeps your fiddle secure inside the case. As fiberglass is famous for its durability and lightweight, this case is very comfy for any violin player.

Violin players love the beautiful appearance of this case. The limited-edition carbon-look finish gives it an impression of the aristocracy. You will feel proud to carry it at any performing concert or musical event.

Customers get an instrument blanket and easy backpack straps with this case. The soft blanket is playing a very essential role to protect your instrument while moving. Similarly, the backpack straps allow you to carry the case comfortably anywhere you travel. The two leather handles along with this case are very sturdy.

Tonareli Oblong Fiberglass is very popular among young players who want to carry a lightweight instrument case. It only weighs 5.6 lbs. or 2.54 kg which makes this instrument case easy to carry anywhere.

This 4/4 size violin case provides good suspension. As it has a multi-layered exterior, it can protect your instrument properly and you can enjoy a longer life span of your fiddle.

The tight seal function closes the case appropriately so that your instrument stays stable and safe while traveling. As the seal makes this weather-resistant, it can maintain the temperature inside the case. That’s why your wooden instrument can stay protected even in the long run.

You will love the sleekly stylish look of this violin case. The interior of this case offers enough space for a spare bow and other accessories. You also can get a removable storage section along with this case. This case is compatible with an attachable music bag by Tonareli. But you have to purchase it separately.

Expert Opinion on Tonareli Oblong Fiberglass Violin Case

This multi-layered, stylish, and good suspension case can ensure the highest protection of your instrument. If you are looking for a case that can provide you enough interior space and a removable storage section, you may like Tonareli oblong fiberglass violin case.

The Good
  • Due to its super lightweight, it is easily portable.
  • This violin case is famous for its durability.
  • Tonareli Oblong Fiberglass is a true suspension case that can protect your instrument.
  • As it is weather-resistant, it ensures long-term protection of your wooden instrument.
The Bad
  • It offers fewer accessories compared to other similar models.

5. Bam Slim Hightech Violin Case

Bam Slim Hightech Violin Case

Bam Slim Hightech violin case is known as an international bestseller which is a perfect blend of stylish look and complete protection. This flight-friendly fiddle case can attract any professional violin player with its sleek look.

This model is one of the most eye-catching options which is appreciated by aspiring players. Its pleasant look and fabulous color will be able to put a happy smile on your face. This well-balanced popular violin case also offers a range of colors. You can choose the right one for you.

Customers can enjoy next-generation string protection along with this case. As it has injected composite foam cushions, it can keep your fiddle safe inside the case. The triple-ply structuring technique with ABS Airex offers excellent quality instrument suspension.

This outstanding violin case weighs just 4.2 lbs which makes it surprisingly lightweight. You can carry a regular full-size violin with this carrying case comfortably. For easy transportation, it has two relaxed neoprene anti-slip backpack straps.

The resilient exterior makes it completely shockproof. Its airtight seal is designed to shelter your fiddle properly while traveling. It offers ample space and compartments inside the case. You can also keep all your necessary playing elements in pristine condition.

Players get a dedicated accessories pouch with this violin case which can be easily removed according to their requirement. The Bi-material side handle makes this case very comfortable for any player.

Designers have incorporated this case with two soft-touch latches and keys. Perfect inside and outside dimensions make this shell-made violin case one of the most desirable cases that meet airline carry-on regulations.

Expert Opinion on Bam Slim Hightech Violin Case

Violin players who are looking for a pleasant-looking case along with fabulous color will love to get this model. Bam Slim Hightech is designed and formulated as flight friendly violin case. It is the perfect choice for traveler musicians.

The Good
  • The high-performance materials make this case highly durable.
  • It ensures outstanding protection for your fiddle.
  • Players like the ultra-lightweight of this model.
  • An ideal choice for those violin players who are looking for an appropriate flight case.
The Bad
  • It is relatively expensive compared to other similar models.

6. Baker Street BK-4020 Violin Case

Baker Street BK-4020 Violin Case

Baker Street understands the value of your most precious possession. That’s why it always takes every possible step to keep your instrument safe. This oblong-shaped case is a classical model of Baker Street product that can protect your instrument in style.

Manufactured used good quality materials craft this violin case. The sturdy plywood shell makes this case long-lasting. The hard exterior of this case is designed and streamlined to keep it compact.

The padded velour interior with suede-like accents makes this traditional oblong shape case comfortable and soft. You might love the luxury design of the interior. Your fiddle can be placed safely in this padded and well-cushioned interior. The full suspension feature makes this case a unique choice for violin players.

Customers get an elegant silk draw-string bag along with this magnificent violin case. This bag plays an important role to maintain extra security and padding for your instrument.

You will also get a color-matched interior blanket that can ensure extra protection of your violin while traveling. This wonderfully designed case possesses a luggage-grade nylon zipper. It also provides a lockable latched feature for extra security.

To ensure the players’ comfort and peace of mind, the case offers a leatherette handle with removable no-slip pad straps so that it can be handled easily. The detachable, modifiable shoulder strap allows the players to carry the case comfortably.

With the help of a built-in hygrometer and thermometer, you can visualize the temperature and humidity inside the case. You can also get plenty of interior accessory compartments to keep your necessary elements securely. Four bow holders and a clear string tube are very suitable for this high-end classy case.

Expert Opinion on Baker Street BK-4020 Violin Case

Baker Street BK-4020 violin case is a unique combination of reputable strength and lightweight. The beautiful design and stylish shape make this violin case highly desirable for professional players.

The Good
  • Built-in hygrometers and thermometers are a great feature of this case.
  • This wonderfully crafted case is easily lockable that ensures the maximum security of your valuable instrument.
  • Modifiable and removable straps are very comfy for any player.
  • A well-constructed sturdy wooden exterior makes it a unique piece.
The Bad
  • The large size accessory compartment might be uncomfortable for some users.

7. Crossrock Violin Case

Crossrock Violin Case

Most players are not in a position to make a big hole in their wallets. The Crossrock violin case understands that issue and allows you to enjoy high-quality suspension case features on a budget. This standard size case is designed to be reliable who is on a tight budget.

Crossrock violin case is perfectly fit for a 4/4 size violin. You can carry any full-size instrument within this suspension case. The excellently crafted rugged molded ABS exterior makes this violin case super sturdy. This well-made exterior can keep your valuable possessions safe and stable while moving around.

Scratch-resistant is another unique feature of this wonderfully designed violin-shaped case. We often experience scratch in the student case which creates an unpleasant look on the cases. As this model is scratch-resistant, it can save your valuable case from any unwanted scratch.

Customers can enjoy the high-density hard foam core inside of this case. Additionally, the plush lining makes this case more attractive and effective for violin learners. The soft interior allows players to keep their fiddle comfortably. They will also get enough space inside the case.

Two accessory compartments allow the users to keep necessary accessories safe and secure. The accessory compartments have a useful lid to make them more user-friendly. The case also offers two bow holders to keep your bows securely.

This case comes with a pair of backpack straps which allows you to carry the case comfortably. Most violin players love the sturdy aluminum valance and hardware of this violin case. Especially beginners love the simple design and cheap rate of this model.

Expert Opinion on Crossrock Violin Case

If you are searching for an affordable violin case with standard features, it can be a good option. It possesses all the essential features and specifications that you require to keep your violin safe. Crossrock violin case will also provide you all the necessary comfort that you desire from a violin case.

The Good
  • This violin case is very lightweight.
  • Crossrock case is very cost-effective.
  • Adjustable straps make it super useful.
  • This is a great choice for young players.
The Bad
  • Crossrock offers comparatively fewer accessory compartments.

8. SKY Oblong Violin Case

SKY Oblong Violin Case

SKY Oblong violin case is a traditional oblong shape case is another excellent violin case that is reasonably priced. Violinists often develop bad postures over time due to carrying the heavyweight instrument. This lightweight user-friendly fiddle carrying case can be a good solution to avoid this situation.

The most popular feature of this oblong violin case is its super lightweight characteristic. As it is very lightweight, it is easily portable. This case can provide you the best comfort at an affordable rate.

You will get multiple bow holders along with this durable case. These bow holders are very useful to keep your valuable bows safe inside the case. As the bow holders are in good condition, you don’t need to worry about the quality of these holders.

SKY Oblong violin case comes with one matching blanket that allows you to place your valuable instrument with the highest care. This blanket can protect your fiddle when you are traveling or moving around with your instrument. The rain-proof canvas cloth outside can protect your instrument from any bad weather.

Customers find this case very handy and easy. The hand-carry handles of this case allow the users to carry the instrument easily. The handles have side and top options. Users can use it as they prefer. The good-quality shoulder straps that are provided with this case are very convenient to use.

This case is compatible with a 4/4 or full-size violin. Most of the standard size violin can be placed under the case expediently. It is recommended to measure your violin and case size so that your instrument can fit inside the case perfectly.

The hygrometer is another excellent feature of this case. It also offers a full-length music sheet pocket which can be found on the top of this case. This case also has strong zippers that allow the players to use it easily. It has a large size sufficient storage compartments to keep your rosin, shoulder rest, shoulder straps, and other components.

Expert Opinion on SKY Oblong Violin Case

Many desirable features make this case a unique choice for aspiring violinists. Those who want to have a sturdy, lightweight, handy violin case for their next level of violin playing journey can purchase it without any hesitation.

The Good
  • The light plywood construction makes it super sturdy.
  • Beautiful luxurious velvet lining ensures its aesthetic appearance.
  • The neck restraint and tailpiece protector are unique features of this case.
  • Hand carry handles of this case are very relaxed.
The Bad
  • Some users may feel that the shoulder straps are not long enough.

9. Featherweight C-3960 Deluxe Violin Case

Featherweight C-3960 Deluxe Violin Case

To secure your valuable instrument a protective case is a must. This model of Featherweight is a great combination of value, reasonable price and high-end technology. Featherweight is well known for making good quality violin cases. This model is also an exclusive edition of their production.

Wooden frame reinforcements make this case ultra-protective. You don’t need to worry about the protection of your valuable instrument when you carry it within the case. The rigid foam construction makes this rectangular-shaped case super comfy for your fiddle.

The well-padded molded interior has a Cordura nylon cover that can help you to place your violin safely inside. The neck support and Velcro strap allow you to keep the fiddle stable when you carry this case in different places.

This 4/4 size arched-top case offers large interior and exterior accessory compartments. Users can store all the necessary playing accessories in these useful storage compartments. It also comes with a hygrometer, two bow holders, a tube for spare strings, and adjustable shoulder straps.

Aspiring players love the black elegant exterior of Featherweight C-3960 Deluxe. The gorgeous grey interior makes this piece a decently exclusive element. The violin players of all levels love the vibrant appearance of this case.

Expert Opinion on Featherweight C-3960 Deluxe Violin Case

Players who like to have an eye-popping, long lasting violin case can go for it. Featherweight C-3960 Deluxe is highly preferable for young violin players. As it offers plenty of storage, it is also suitable for musicians who want to carry lots of accessories with their violin case.

The Good
  • Featherweight C-3960 Deluxe case is an ideal choice for young players.
  • With a wooden frame, this is very sturdy.
  • It offers good storage space.
  • This violin case looks good.
The Bad
  • The handles are not hard enough compared to other similar models.

How To Choose The Best Violin Cases?

Remember you have to consider some important factors while deciding the best violin case for you.

Appropriate size

The structure of a violin cannot be modifiable. For this reason, the size of the case is the first thing you need to consider. You have to select a case that perfectly fits your fiddle.

Solid Exterior

Most of the popular cases are made of hard materials like compacted foam, wood, and carbon fiber. A hard exterior can ensure better protection of your violin.

Soft Interior

The soft and suspension padding is suitable for placing your fiddle securely. A good instrument case must mold into the shape of your fiddle. Proper cushioning inside the box is vital for the protection of your fiddle in case of any accidental drop.

Sufficient Storage and Compartments

A good quality violin case should offer enough room for necessary playing accessories like a bow, spare strings, and rosin. It must have adequate space to fit your fiddle in such a way that it doesn’t touch any parts or accessories inside the case. 

Thermometers and Hydrometers

A hygrometer and thermometer can check the humidity as well as the temperature inside the violin case. Any extreme conditions like too damp or too dry can affect your instrument. These tools help you to monitor any changes inside the case.

Nature of Your Movement

The frequency and nature of your travels will be one of the determining factors for selecting your violin case. For example; if you are traveling frequently with your fiddle, you may need a waterproofed and robust case.   

Final Selection

If you travel a lot with your fiddle or use your instrument frequently, you can choose an expensive case from our list. Because investing in a great quality violin case might be a good deal for an advanced level violinist. As a professional player, you can select the Bam France 2002XL violin case or the Tonareli oblong fiberglass violin case. These airtight, weather-resistant, super sturdy cases are capable to protect your valuable instrument appropriately.

Budget-friendly options from the above list can be a good deal for those who are on a tight budget or just started their instrument-learning lessons. If you are just traveling to school and back, we will recommend you to take the Protec MX044PR violin case. You may also consider the Featherweight violin case. These good quality suspensions, cost-effective prices,s, and ultra-lightweight cases are just perfect for beginners.

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