If you are looking into reviews for intermediate or advanced violins then this Cecilio CVN-600 violin review will surely help you a lot. Here we have discussed all the aspects of this violin, what makes it perfect for intermediate to advanced learners, how well it performs, and some additional features. 

This in-depth review ensures anyone willing to purchase the Cecilio CVN 600 knows everything about the violin.

Cecilio CVN-600 Violin

Key Features of Cecilio CVN 600 Violin

Before getting into the in-depth review, let’s briefly go through the features and specifications of the Cecilio CVN600.

  • Cecilio CVN 600 is a full-sized (4/4) violin
  • It weighs more than 6 pounds
  • The size of the violin in inches is 32X13X7
  • The back is made of one-piece maple wood
  • The sides are also made of maple wood
  • The top part is made of spruce
  • The woods are more than 7 years old
  • The violin has inlaid purfling
  • The violin is hand-polished with oil
  • The fingerboard, pegs are made of ebony
  • D’Addario Prelude Strings are used
  • It has four detachable tuners
  • The pegs and the tail has pearl embellishment
  • The violin comes with two additional bows
  • The bows are made of Brazil wood and Mongolian horsehair
  • The violin also includes a good quality casing
  • Accessories include adjustable shoulder rest, rosin cake, extra bridge

Cecilio CVN-600 Violin Review

Cecilio CVN-600 Violin Review

In the review section, we will be discussing the violin focusing on four main criteria. We will discuss who is best suited for the CVN 600 violin, how is the built quality, how well the violin performs, and lastly, is the price fair enough for what the violin has to offer. 

Suitable Users for CVN 600 Violin 

The CVN 600 violin from Cecilio could be a great option for intermediate or advanced learners. This violin has some great features that are suitable for advanced students. It is made of good quality wood and can serve you for a long time. Above that, it allows the opportunity to improve or change some features, doing which can make the violin a lot better. 

That does not mean that beginners cannot purchase this violin. If any beginner is willing to pay a little higher than other student violins and start their journey with a good quality violin, then they can definitely choose this instrument. Unlike other beginner-level violins, this violin can be with your journey from beginning to advance level. Therefore, if you are looking for endurance then the Cecilio CVN 600 will be tremendous. 

Built Quality of Cecilio CVN600

The CVN 600 violin from Cecilio is made really well. The back is made of single-piece maple wood as well as the sides. The front is made of spruce. The wood is approximately 7 years old or more. Having mature wood as the violin’s body makes it produce incredible sound. The entire body of the violin is hand-polished with oil that escalates the richness of the violin. The pegs, fingerboard, and bridge are made of ebony. They are made to last for a long time. The violin has some detailing like purfling and pearl embellishment. The bows that the violin comes with are also of good quality. It the made of Brazilwood and genuine Mongolian horsehair. 

Performance of CVN 600 Violin

As we have mentioned earlier, having mature wood makes the violin create sounds that are pleasing to the ears. It makes quite a melodious sound which is not too bright. The sound it creates is soft, soothing, and has some depth to it. Unlike many other beginner’s violins of Cecilio, this one does not come with basic factory strings. This violin includes D’Addario Prelude Strings. These strings perform incredibly well with this violin. Yet you can replace them with even better quality strings.

Pricing of Cecilio Violin CVN600

The price that the Cecilio CVN 600 primarily comes at is near $400. This is a fairly good price for an intermediate or advanced violin. Also, the quality is good and has more potential compared to many other violins in the market. 

Cecilio CVN600 – The Positives

The CVN600 has loads of positive things that you might have already guessed. Yet we have compiled all the good things about the CVN600 violin.

  • The wood that is used for Cecilio CVN 600 is more than 7 years old. Violins made of mature wood create better sound and creates depth in sound.
  • The back piece is made of single maple wood. It makes the violin a lot more durable.
  • The hand-polished body of the violin gives it a luxurious look. This makes the violin stand out among other factory-made violins. 
  • The pegs, fingerboard, and bridges are made of ebony and are satisfying in quality.
  • This violin comes with D’Addario Prelude Strings. They produce exceptionally good sound compared to other factory strings that most violins come with.
  • The sound it creates has some melody to it. It might not be too bright but it does not have any unpleasant sound.
  • You will get an outstanding outcome if you replace the strings with better strings. Replacing existing strings with high-end strings does not make any changes in sound quality for most beginner-level violins. That is not the case for this violin. You will notice a remarkable change in the sound quality if you twig some elements of the CVN600. 
  • Compared to similar violins that perform in a similar way, this violin comes at a reasonable price. It is idle for those who want a few advanced features yet do not want to break the bank.

Cecilio CVN600 – The Negatives

Although this violin is tremendous for intermediate and advanced learners and has hardly anything to complain about. Still, there are a few things that could have been improved.

  • The bows that the Cecilio CVN600 comes with are not the best quality. You could find some loose strands of hair. However, you can purchase bows separately if you want.
  • The included chromatic tuner does not perform up to the mark. It is almost useless for tuning the violin.
  • With the price point the violin comes at, the casing is expected to be of better quality. The casing of the violin does not have much weight to it. 
  • Additional accessories with the CVN600 are underwhelming. The shoulder rest and chin rest does the work but could be more comfortable. The accessories are inconsistent in quality. 

Alternatives for CVN600 Violin

Other violins from the Cecilio CVN series can be good alternatives for the CVN600. Depending on the variations of features the price can vary. CVN600 offers the most features and best performance and comes at a higher price compared to most other CVN violins. If you choose violins that cost a little less than you might have to compromise with the sound quality as well. 

Other than the CVN series, you can go for the Mendini series if you are more of a beginner player. Mendini 500 or Mendini 650 are good options as a starter. Afterward, you can switch to more advanced violins like the CVN600. In case you are looking for other brands, you can also check out the Stentor student violins.

Final Thoughts

Different people can feel differently playing the violin depending on their preference. Some people want bright sound while others don’t and that’s why it is hard to say with certainty that one violin is better than the other. You have to test it, play it, and understand whether you like it or not.

Nonetheless, We have explained our thoughts and opinions on the Cecilio CVN600 violin. We hope you found this Cecilio CVN-600 violin review helpful in your journey of finding your perfect violin.