Cecilio’s Mendini series is considered incredibly good for beginners or immediate violinists, particularly the MV650 model. For that reason, we thought of sharing our impression of the violin in this Mendini violin MV650 review.

Hopefully, after reading the article you will get a clear picture of what is violin is all about and who is it suitable for. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the review of the Mendini MV650 violin.

Mendini Violin MV650 Review

Features of Mendini Violin MV650

Before we dive into a detailed review of the MV650 violin, let’s look through the features that it has to offer.

  • MV650 is from the Mendini series of Cecilio
  • The dimension of this violin is 32X12X5 inches
  • The violin weighs a little less than 5 pounds
  • It is a full-sized violin (4/4 size)
  • The top of the violin is hand curved with spruce 
  • The bottom and the sides are made of maple wood
  • It has a shine due to the varnish finish
  • The violin is inlaid with purfling and embedded with pearls
  • It has an ebony fingerboard and ebony tailpiece
  • Pegs and detachable fine tuners also included 
  • The violin comes with a chinrest and shoulder rest
  • A full-sized, sturdy casing is also provided with the violin
  • Two Brazilwood bows are included with the violin
  • The bows  have unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair
  • Additional accessories include rosin cake, bridge, and an extra set of strings

Pros and Cons of Mendini MV650

Here, in short, we have mentioned the pros and cons of the Mendini Violin MV650. Although we will have an elaborate discussion on the good and bad sides of the violin, let’s take a glance at this first. 

  • Solid-build and sturdy violin
  • The back is one piece maple wood
  • The top is made of spruce
  • Indal purfling increase longevity
  • It has a beautiful varnish glossy finish
  • It has good quality ebony pegs and bridge
  • It produces a smooth and deep sound
  • Good violin at an affordable price
  • The string quality is not great
  • The bows are average quality
  • The shoulder rest and the tuner is somewhat useless
  • Other accessories are also not up to the mark

Mendini Violin MV650 Review

Mendini Violin MV650

A good-sounding violin keeps you interested to continue playing or learning violin. Many start learning with cheap violins that does not sound well and end up being disappointed. As a result, many of them give up on their desire to learn this instrument assuming they are not good at it.

This is why it is important to start your journey with a good instrument that will keep you motivated to improve. With that being said, it does not necessarily mean that you have to buy an expensive violin at the very beginning of your learning. The Mendini MV650 is a violin that comes is a reasonable price point for beginners as well as has a decent sound quality. Above that, it is not just suitable for beginners, it is good enough for immediate violinists as well. You can this violin for at first 3 to 5 years of your learning without any worries.

Everything Good about Mendini MV650

Mendini MV650 violion by Cecilio is a solid-build violin. Even though it is a factory-made violin yet the upper body is hand curved with spruce. The other three sides, the back, and the sides are made of maple wood which gives it an incredible look as well as durability. The back is made of one fine piece of good that makes it even more long-lasting. The front has inlaid purfling and bedazzled with pearls in some parts. These design details give the violin a luxurious look.

The bows that it comes with are finely made. They are made of Mongolian horsehair and Brazilwood ensuring that the user gets an awesome experience while playing the violin. The pegs and the tuners are also of decent quality and good enough for the beginner to immediate violin players. Furthermore, the pegs and the bridge is made of ebony which is a great addition to its features. 

Now let’s get into the sound quality. The sound that the MV650 violin produces is smooth, crisp, and loud. You will get to no harshness or sharp tone that makes you feel like your ears going to bleed. It produces a pleasant sound that soothes your mind. Moreover, the sound quality is great for the price you are paying. Even if you are an intermediate violinist, you do not have to worry about this violin not being capable of producing good enough sound for your mastery.

Things that need Improvement in Mendini Violin MV650

The build quality and sound quality that you will get from the Mendini MV650 violin are hard to beat, especially at this price range. However, there are some things that can be improved for a smoother experience. 

First of all, the strings are good but not great. They will give you good sound and depth, however, you can replace them with some better quality strings. That will help you make the violin functional for a longer period of time. Similar to the bows. They are okay for beginners but as you advance in your learning, you can switch them up with better quality bows.

Secondly, the accessories it comes with are more of average quality. They are good by any means, but they could be better. Then again, at this price, this is good enough for students. However, the good thing about this violin is that you can change things up for better performance. If you are not satisfied with the bridge, you get an extra bridge or you can replace it with a better one. The pegs are of decent quality but again, can be replaced too. 

In short, the MV650 is good as it is. However, it also allows you to improve the instrument yourself. It has a tremendous base to start with. Afterward, you can twig little things according to your need to make it your own violin.

Alternative Choices for Mendini650 Violin

Being an affordable violin, the MV650 violin is a great package for any beginner as well as some advanced learners. With some manipulations done on the violin, it can be turned into a great violin. However, you could be thinking of other alternatives to this amazing violin. 

In that case, you can also look into the Mendini MV500 violin which is also great for beginners. However, that might not be suitable for little advanced or intermediate learners. In fact, the entire Mendini line of Cecilio is suitable for new learners. Therefore, you can also check out the Mendini series if you are a beginner.

Cecilio’s CVN series also has some incredible violins for students. Such as Cecilio CVN100, CVN300, or CVN600. Anyhow, if you are thinking about searching for a similar student violin from some other brand, then you can go over Stentor student violins as well.

In The End

All we could say is that if you are planning on starting learning violin and wish to continue with the same violin for atleast a few years, then the Mendini MV650 would be a great choice. Lastly, we hope that you have found everything you needed to know about the violin in this Mendini Violin MV650 review.