Throughout music history, the violin has been a fixture in performances all over the world. Violin is an extremely expressive stringed instrument that can be played solo, in string quartets, or full orchestras. 

This versatile instrument has paved its way into people’s hearts with every genre from classical to popular music. Although there are a lot of debates about the names of music that can be played through violin, the violin is best known to be played in the orchestra, folk music, country music, bluegrass music, and also in jazz. This is the only instrument in the music world that was able to push the music genre families to pop up with a genre for itself named ‘Violin music genre’.  

However, in whatever field of music, this instrument is played, it is sure to capture the heart of the listener for its powerful and romantic sound. The deep and melodious sound of the stringed family instrument is like no other. 

Factors affecting the cost of Violin

Whatever your music style or skill level, there are extensive types of violins offered in the market to provide you with many terrific options to consider. There are violins for the beginners, for the intermediate players and also for the advanced and professional players. 

Again while shopping for a new violin it may be overwhelming to consider a lot of factors in choosing the best violin like the quality of the violin, where you buy the violin and the level of the player. 

Nevertheless, while searching throughout the stacks of violin, you will enjoy discovering the one that makes your play sing. The excessive varnish and cracks are also another vital factor that affects the cost of a violin.

What determines the cost of a violin

While the price of a violin may seem rather arbitrary, there are some defining characteristics that determine the cost of a violin. For example who made the violin, how old it is, where it was originally made, what type of wood is used to create it and its craftsmanship. 

Violins appreciate value over time. That is why a violin made in a factory or by a branded company is going to cost less than a violin made by a luthier. Moreover, the cost of the violin increases over time. The older a violin is, the more it will cost. 

Also, the price depends a lot on craftsmanship. A higher level of craftsmanship deserved a higher price tag for the violin. Last but not the least, violin prices also depend on the brand name from where your violin belongs to.

How much should I pay for a good violin?

The price of a good violin can vary from about $1,000 up to the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Of course, when you play the violin, a $20,000 violin is going to sound better than a $1,000 violin. 

Small differences in price have less to do with quality instruments than the bigger differences in price. Here is an overview of what you can expect in each price range, as well as violins from different brands.

Beginner Player: Purchasing the First Violin

Beginner violin typically comes in a package, in which the violin, bow, and case all are included. They are not always top-notch violins, but they are often enough to get a beginning player started. Also, these violins are usually smaller to accommodate young players. 

The initial price range runs from $1,000 to $3,000.The beginner violin prices are lower because the dealer knows that you have to eventually upgrade your violin as you grow up.

Intermediate Players

Intermediate players need a high-quality violin that can accommodate the level of music they are learning. Also, they need a violin that can produce a more nuanced and beautiful quality of sound. 

At this stage, the players deal with a larger complexity in the sound and greater dynamic range. The intermediate level upgrade of a violin means that the violin is no longer sold in a package, perhaps the violin, violin bows and violin cases are sold separately. The price range for intermediate starts to go up quickly and is fixed at $3,000 to $6,000.

Advanced and Professional Players

Advanced and professional players have been playing the violin for many many years. They are seasoned players looking for even more complexity and facility in their sound. They can also shop around for a year or two before finding the perfect violin. 

The price range of the professional violins ranges from $10,000 to $20,000 without the bow and case. Many professionals are known to pay as much as $30,000 to $1000,000 for a violin. At this point, the maker of the violin, the year the violin was made, and the origin of the violin play a major role in the price of a high-quality violin.

Student Violin Recommendations

When deciding your first violin, you will be met with a plethora of brands to choose from. There are a lot of brands and a lot of price ranges to choose from to consider. Here are three brands that are worthy of close considerations for you:


Eastman violins are one of the most popular makes for beginners. However, the quality is such that even more advanced players will be satisfied with the range they offer. Eastman also offers a range of violins all the way to the professional level and even has a range of electric violins too. 

But they are not the cheapest on the market but, for a small outlay of a few hundred dollars, new students will be delighted with the quality. Depending on the quality it can be found within the price range of $575. The Eastman violin of the highest quality can have a price of around $4,000.

These violins are best purchased from a specialist violin shop and the price will likely include a case and bow too.


Stentor violins are another very popular make and they’re one of the top manufacturers of stringed instruments around the world. Stentor violin for complete beginners that can produce a nice sound and is fitted with decent quality accessories such as the bridge and tailpiece. 

Those on a budget will be satisfied with its price ranging below $200. Some of the Stentor violins are also for $400 that includes a case and bow with possibly spare strings.


Eastar violins are best for any student with a limited budget. They are made of a combination of spruce and maple although the fingerboard, unusually made from pearwood and has points inlaid with Muscovite. 

This is designed so that the students can find the accurate placement of the fingers. All violins in this brand have excellent value for money as they can all be purchased for less than $100.

Price of Different types of violin

The standard modern family of the stringed instrument comes up with four categories:


A good violin depending on its quality of sound and texture may cost you around $1,000 – $3,000 at best. Your local shop would be grateful to sell these at that amount of price. 

But for the professional, the price can even go as high as one million. Especially the ones that are historical and have a good age. 


A mass-produced viola for beginners has a price around $300 – $500. As you are to increase the quality of the viola, the price increases with it. 

For the intermediate viola, you are going to pay a price around $1,500 – $5,000 at least. And for an advanced level viola, the price comes as high as $5,000 – $10,000. There are also some quite affordable violas in the market that have a value of around $200 only.

With good craftsmanship and the quality of the sound, the value of the viola increases furthermore.


A full-fledged cello with the final touch would generally cost you around $1,200 to $2,500. With the laminated options, the price goes around $500 more. For a professional level, a good cello with the finest curve comes as high as $10,000 at least.  

Among all the violin types cello is one of the most priced string equipment. Cellos are bigger in size than any other violin type and also, they are made with certain rare materials like ebony, hard & dense wood, etc which are quite expensive.

Double bass

It is an inexpensive type of violin that comes with almost all the features you need. The price could be on average $1,000 to $3,000. For the beginner violinist, this can turn out to be an expensive option.

With their improvement of the sound, the warm and open tone, and the quality the price may go high. 

The costliest violin

Vieuxtemps Guarneri del Gesù is considered the most expensive violin in the world right now. According to some specialists, they are priced at around 10.5 million. But the last one was sold in an auction with a price tag of around 16 million. It was sold to John & Arthur Beare.

Their age has made them come up with such a high price, 273 years which is older than even the United States of America. It is also considered as the ‘Mona Lisa’ of the violin. Their use of rare materials also made them very expensive.

The sound of a Vieuxtemps Guarneri del Gesù violin is compared to none. There are a total of 120 Vieuxtemps Guarneri del Gesù violins preserved to date. The one that was sold on an auction with 16 million, the owner has anonymously donated that violin to Anne Akiko Meyers for the resy=t of her life. 

Where should I buy a violin?

Buying a violin online can often be cheaper than buying a violin from a violin shop. However, when you are buying a violin online you are sacrificing the care and maintenance that can come with working with a violin shop. 

It can be bought online but if it gets broken or collapsed, you cannot bring your precious violin to the seller for repair and maintenance. Whereas with a violin shop, you can always bring it back in for them to assist with minor adjustments and repair. It is a gesture of the violin seller to provide you with all the guidance and services required to keep your violin sensational.

Buying a violin is not like spending money on an expensive piece of electronics, it’s an investment, an extension of you, musically. This is more like an emotional purchase, a manifestation that you should take seriously. Go with your gut and invest a good amount in the violin that you enjoy the most within your budget. At the end of the day, the best violin is priceless if it brings you joy and many years of music-making!